"If we start to experience again everything is getting love.
Everything is making you free. Everything is healing you.
Everything is making you fall down in your truth.
The miracle to be human. It makes life very simple.
It is enlightening your path and making you normal again.
Being a nobody. Melting with everything.
Being one with God.
Being one with the universe."
-Wilri Waarlo-

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About us

Balance-Recovery means finding balance in every single part of your life.

Balance in your mind, feelings, body, soul… in everything.


It makes life simple and easy as life is.

Being one with everything there is.


Balance-Recovery is like life itself, growing, changing, caring. No teacher, no student, nothing to do.

Just to BE, who you REALLY are…

Balance-Recovery helps you to:

  • Reconnect with your true self

  • Deepen your relationships

  • Make your wishes and dreams come true

  • Heal the causes of diseases and illnesses

  • Enjoy life as it is

Come and celebrate life with us, because life is joy, life is fun, life is easy!


Embracing the World

Projects for …

Families and Youngsters

“Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice.”
– Peggy O´Mara –


“We all want to work in a flow, together, in a team. To get the best out of everyone.”

Life Centers

“At the Balance-Recovery Life-Center, everything comes together. Our centers are all about being human, being whole.”


Strangely more and more children get diagnosed with ADHD, ADS, PDD-NOS.
What does that say about our society?

Family Reunion Sessions

In our Balance-Recovery Family Reunion Sessions we work on self-healing and reuniting the family through many generations.

Jakub Endrýs


Jakub will accompany you during the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments. You will always feel safe in his hands.

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Wilri Waarlo

Transformation master

As a transformation master accompanied Wilri Waarlo for more than 24 years individuals and groups on their way to mental, emotional and physical Balance.

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Inspiration for your Life

Feel the Power of Rain®

Body, mind and soul are one.
Support the natural balance of your whole being with natural products that we are using everyday.

RAIN® Products are seed based nutrition supplements made of organic seeds and greens.
Providing your body all necessary minerals and vitamins for the whole day.
If your body get all the minerals and vitamins then the body bring itself in balance.


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Cooperation partners and Organizers

The Secret of Life - Upcoming Events

Choose your Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment with Wilri and Jakub!

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Soon we will begin to offer also online webinars. For actual dates please watch our homepage or our Balance-Recovery Academy:

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For those interested in contributing to the success of Balance-Recovery, giving people who don´t have enough possibilities to the Balance-Recovery Moments we invite you to make a small donation to support them.
Contributions of any size are welcomed and deeply appreciated.

We manage the donations according to their purposes. The donations will be divided into 3 different areas.

1. For people who can not pay to participate.
2. Our new center.
3. Administrative Areas

You decide for which purpose the donation will be used. Please specify your desired purpose.