Cooperation partners and organizers

Those are the people who are helping us in our mission. They are skilled professionals who learned what they do not from books, but from present moment and from direct experience from life. They are deeply dedicated to their work and to service to other people. Their work helps us to bring you high level of service. We are really grateful that we can cooperate with them.

Dina Mizrahi,

Turkey, Istanbul

Eda Gungor,


Margalit Azoulai,

Israel, Tel Aviv

Laura Discepolo,

Italy, Naples

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Ever since the age of 7, spirituality and the pursuit of universal love have been the core of my existence.

In 2000, I founded Bilgi Paylaşım, the first spirituality center in Turkey. At Bilgi Paylaşım, we try to bring togther world-class spiritual practitioners and healers with those who are willing to welcome their teaching and energy.

www.bilgipaylasim.orgEda Gungor is a spiritual entrepreneur dedicated to transforming people, places and to using the power of love to raise the vibration of the world.

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