I told Wilri that the worst of what’s happened in my family is repeating in the next generation and it’s killing me to watch.
He said, ‘You know what’s great about that? Everyone has their freedom.’
In this moment together he shattered an idea I’ve believed for ages.
For a flash moment, everyone was unbound –
Mean people could be nice, nice people could be bold, bold people could be quiet, quiet people could be heard. I felt the loosening of chains to which no one has the key. Life is freedom?! No less so when we’re squeezing a gun or staring the barrel.
This gave me great pause…
and resonated into my life in all directions.
Into the past, for instance, if I look at my parents.
My father appears to be violent while my mother’s a caretaker.
In these victim / villain roles there’s no way for a child to respect or trust either.
My mum meant well and sacrificed herself to guard us, but it fell short and she suffered so much. Her way didn’t work; she didn’t win love.
Through her I’ve learned that keeping a grip isn’t protective. Maybe in moments, sure, to stop someone from falling but if then you don’t let go, the saving becomes suffocation.
In my present I see a similar tendency to stall out, to wait or hesitate.
Some extra dose of caution is draped over almost everything. When I turn my attention towards that I feel doomed to illness, depression, distain. The stagnancy registers as death.
In my future the thing I fear most is not having let go of that tension.
I mean if life is this great adventure, isn’t the only thing that could really go wrong being stuck?
We know it’s going to be messy. That’s a given. But stilted? No one wants to be stuck.
The meaning of this, from my perspective, is that life itself is the energy of freedom.
When we are doing our worst there is something with us always: an ever-present possibility that we’ll suddenly be kind. No matter what we’ve done, we can always next be love.
Coming in touch with this in a group setting was encouraging beyond words.

Thank you to Wilri and Jacub for doing what you do – which no one else is doing in this way, open to the public.

Avani, Czech 

I think of you and your work (and also of the energy of the group) a lot in these last days. I appreciate more and more the way, how you work with people and I can see, that the whole existence is saying “yes”. Because you are in many parts of the world right now. And it is simply big. And blessed. It is not a coincidence that it is happening right now. I was thinking a lot about it today and I shared with my friend, that you aren’t offering instant and superficially appealing solutions and you don’t try to be a savior. You offer to people the opportunity to look, feel, sense and accept what is. Whatever it is. And that is the way, which is healing. And it is so powerfully apparent today in here that I just have to write it . Thank you.


Hi, thank you so much for a really nice weekend.


What an amazing weekend!


Thank you Wilri for the deep healing. I am truly grateful! Every cell in my body came back to life!!!


Thank you dear Wilri, for the nice weekend.


Thank you to all the great people from Prague. It was such a fun seminar… so deep and touching how everybody was opening up. And thank you to Wilri Waarlo and Jakub Endrys for surrendering every moment.


Thank you from my heart for deep gathering… Just when I entered the space “room”… I was home again.. In deep unity with myself, with everything.. For me was surprising to watch the healing of “obsession” energy blockades, restrictive old patterns… ….. amazing… Miracles happen.. Sometimes maybe I´d like to.. See you and share with you… Andrej..


Wilri, thank you that you are, for your time that you gave us and for what you gave me…. You have my great admiration for what you are doing for others.


Thank you Wilri for this opportunity for deep healing! Your work is amazing!

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