Minerva NYC 

Hi my dearest ones,
You have been so busy creating and living miracles
continuously all over and making people and the
world a healthier, joyous and more beautiful balanced
experience as we find our truths. Thank you. Thank you. Your blog is absolutely marvelous. Great Work!!!
I did receive and do appreciate my own personal video
I am feeling better and looking a bit better.
I look forward to your next visit. Take good care.

Much love & kisses to the team,



Wilri, Jakub & Olga,
Thank you guys for helping us to learn to slay our inner dragons. The woman who made this Card is originally from Holland, had abusive parents and had to learn her way to self-acceptance and gentleness.
Nancy and super Darling


Susanna Claussen NYC 

Thank you for a profound healing of my mind and body!
This work is shifting my understanding of what is possible.
I feel absolute trust in Wilri and Jacub and highly recommend the workshop. A life changing , heart opening experience.
With love,

Marty NYC 


I feel that Thursday night’€™s session really helped me in ways I’€™m not even aware of yet! I know that I feel lighter. Today I felt much anger passing through me, but I let it out.
On the creative front, I went into the recording studio on Saturday. This is a piece that I previously had my doubts about. But it all came together beautifully, as if by ‘€œmagic’€.
I wrote this, and I’€™m playing the guitars and bass on the recording. I don’€™t yet have a title for this piece, and I hope you enjoy it!


Jeantine Bakker NYC 

Today, I was at a private session with Wilri and Jakub. Suddenly, an injury from decades ago emerged at the surface. When I was a child, I was hospitalized for several weeks with broken bones. After all these years, the drugs that the doctors gave me were still in my system. Every single day I’ve been confronted with my drugged body and mind. I could not understand why I could not make real contact to my body and my mind was clouded. It confused me, scared me. I felt helpless. I was ashamed, disappointed and frustrated.

Today, I could let go all the morphine, muscle relaxants and other medications. Finally I’m free from the poison that the pharmaceutical industry sells. My wish is that many will get the opportunity to get free from the long term effects of prescription drugs.

Jeantine's Drawing

Alexandra Desachy NYC 

Wilri Waarlo you continue to bless us all, with your open heart and true vision. I look forward to meeting again, so much has happened for healing for me after we met. Thank you for pointing me in the direction I needed to go to, to recover my lost self, pieces of my soul buried in shadows of fear. Thank you for going there with me, friend.

Artist from NYC 

I did enjoy your workshop and feel both Wilri’s extraordinary accuracy in depicting and feeling peoples needs and problems is a REAL–Rare and a true gift! Jakub’s sensitivity, sweetness and intuitve artistry in knowing exactly what to do is as masterful as and complimentary to Wilri. I am grateful and happy for everything–and I do mean everything that you said and did for me. You made me more aware and conscious of where I came from–who I was– who I am and how people interpret my personality. I don’t believe I am arrogant but perhaps I am and my silence and desire to explain myself can be perceived as such.

Nancy Cohen 

Working with Wilri and group is heart and mind blowing. I witness people getting information …not what they asked for..but what they seem to need and then realizing it’s what they ‘asked’ for. I have seen my own life expand since knowing and working with Wilri… my determination to shift and be more present for myself first is because of what I’ve experienced with his Balance -Recovery. Sorry, old friends, I wont’ be the old me, but I believe the new me is so much more loving ..take me deeper into the change…it is like going home again.

Damien Wynne 

I had an amazing session this morning. I highly recommend his work. I am so great full, thank you.



Thank you Wilri from my heart. Monika

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