Marina Maurino 

Dear Jakub
I feel the deep love that both of you carry and know that the world needs it. What makes it special for me is that Wilri is not some mystic guru distancing himself in any way from “the people”. He is so human and so in touch and that is what heals! I am soooo looking forward to being in your energies for a whole weekend!

A picture for Wilri from a little girl 


Michael Braudy New York City 

I connected with an early defining issue with my mother. Wilri helped me to experience the result of the fracture so I could come in the present moment of my feelings and the experience of being the hurt child and then come into being a man.

Linda Pavelka New York City 

I’ve experienced 2 weekend workshops with Wilri and his team to date and find the experience very transformational. It is difficult for us in this society of P.C.-ness to get out of our analytical minds and only feel our experience/feelings. If one could really let go of the ego mind… I have found Wilri’s insights very intuitively ‘SPOT ON” and if we dare to really let go of limitations we are guided to freedom and thus real happiness and sense of self is revealed.
Gratefully yours,
Linda Pavelka

Darial New York City 

It was a DEEP DEEP Profound experience of realizing my inner garbage. Thank you very very much!

Masha Veytel New York City 


Thank you so much. It is a very deep, healing and eye opening experience. Your work brings me close to my True Self and allows to shed “stuff’ that I am having and even don’t know about. It is a Big Step to Free Yourself. With Love & Gratitude,


Dear Wilri and Jakub;
you touched my life so deeply and turned it upside down !
I want to thank you for that !
Love Anna


After several seminars of Balace-Recovery-Moment I was able to hug honestly my mom with love.
After seminar this weekend I was able to hug my dad without drama.


Even though I am already attending Wilri´s seminars longer than a year, it is for me still difficult to express with words what his seminars are about.
In a Balance-Recovery-Moment you are not told, what you are supposed to do, you do not get any guide how to live a happy life. Wilri will nevertheless show you a path, which you will discover in yourself on your own. A path, which is completely behind the border of what our mind can grasp.

Wilri will show you, that the path is acceptance of that what is. It is not necessary to search for a change. It’s not needed to repair something. The only thing what is necessary, is to be in unity with that what is right now. Even if that what is, seems to be unpleasant to us in the moment.

And what is worse, Wilri will show you, that the path to acceptance is that everything you experience you should experience completely.
He will show you, that the way to heal emotional traumata is to enter them and experience them 100%, because only in that way they can heal, only in that way they can free space for something new.
Wilri will allow you to realize on the deepest level possible for you: to live doesn´t mean to think.
To live means to feel and to experience. Feel and experience everything what is happening with you, in you and in your environment. Not refusing anything and welcoming in your life absolutely everything what is there. Also that what is unpleasant and painful.

Wilri´s unique ability is, to show you a mirror, a mirror so clear and deep.
So that you maybe will have for the first time in your life a possibility to really see yourself.
This he will do with all the love and patience until you really look.
He will be kind to you, if that what you need to see, is kindness.
Also he will be with unconditional love merciless to you and hard to you if that’s necessary for you.
So that you finally stop to play your games and start to live.
Am I a different man after that year? No, I wouldn´t say that. I am still the same, but how I perceive myself is different. That what I disliked about myself and resented is still there, but now I can accept it much better as an integral part of myself.

I perceive more connection with myself, more connection with other people and more connection with the world. I do not force the world, people and myself that much, to be how I think they should be. With humbleness I accept that what is.
My path to myself is not at the end yet and so I can only from the depth of my heart thank that I met such a guide and to wish you all, that you also allow him to take your hand and help you to walk the path.

Believe me, it gonna be a ride of your life. 🙂

Susanne Roß 

Thank you, Micha! I have also been entitled to make these experiences with Wilri and Jakub. You have found words for something that I for myself find “indescribable”…

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