Michael Kilp 

Our stay in Prague from 25.7. to 1.7.2015
Under instruction from Wilri and Jacub, I could experience in these days amazing transforming steps by the others and myself that have really astonished me. And that is not easy to accomplish, because I have also tried and experienced a lot in my 58 years.
On June 27th and 28th we met people from all diverse origins in Prague. There were of course Czechs, but also Dutch and German participants. They came together to work with the help of the Balance-Recovery-Moment on their inner hurtful themes and to experience healing steps on the level of the individual and this time also on the level of the collective pain-body.
I have never witnessed in my whole life so many healing experiences as in these days, not only on myself, but also on the other participants.
One central point was the collective trauma-energy of the era of Hitler that still holds me and others in its strangle-hold. We could all live through how this violence, the suppressing grind down of human beings, the not feeling of pain (emotional and also physical) has lead us to walk through life like machines or robots, without perceiving, that we are remote-controlled and not unfold our God-given, original life, not to speak off celebrating it.
I have always asked me why I have never relished success with all my efforts and cannot experience real joy and lightness in my life. Now it has become clear to me that I have never lived my life. I have never been – or only for a short moment – with me.
During these days, I went through very painful and dark processes, several times. In the beginning, I also of course have resisted to feel these frightening emotions and tried to avoid my pain by clever sayings and mind-tricks. But I had two true companions, Wilri and Jacub, on my side, who were not impressed by my ego-tricks and so, with the help of these loving companions, I could find to my inner truth
In doing so, Wilri had often confronted me with very harsh, but unmistakable words that brought me completely out of my countenance. He brought me again and again out from moments of trance, for example, which I initially perceived as a meditative state and which I wrongly got used to during my yearlong Zen-practice.
But now it is clear to me that he had done this out of a deep love and fearlessness. I am very thankful for that and it brings me tears of gratitude for this great compassion.
From the deepest heart, I can only say to all of you: “It was worth it, I have arrived at myself, I feel an unbelievable aliveness in me and I am looking forward to the adventures that life still holds ready for me.”
I hug you all.

Aleš Blinka 

Dear reader
If you hesitate to join Balance-Recovery-Moment, let’s share my experience and explain why I chose BR.
– BR is not about talking, psychological theories or ezoteric fairy tales. Experiencing is prefered to talking. I needed a lot of years in other seminars to get something. I needed one weekend of half an year for the same in BR.
– Other lecturers or therapists were very careful. Wilri goes straight to matter. Wilri accepts me by his whole heart, but still he is able to shake with me. Then I can wake up from my delusions and structures.
– There is no excuse at Wilri. He does not save me. As good trainer he shows me when I cheat. And I can escape. But I know anyway that ball is on my side of playground and I return to the “game”, because I know I cant ran away from me.

And what BR gave me? Decisiveness, selfconfidence, love, comprehension, acceptation of other people and myself. I have more balanced relationship with others and me. My life is simpler, without a lot of problems which I created myself and called them problems. My life is less about suffering and more about blessing, no matter what happens.


Thank you. Robert



It was a amazing beautiful week.
I did not expect that at all.
I hat such a fear before we left, because I can not speak properly English, but that didn’t matter.
I wanted to see New York.
The right decision I did not regret one minute.

I met beautiful and great people instantly I felt totally welcome it was like coming home.
Everybody accepted me with so much love.
Everybody touched me deep in my heart.
For love there are no speaking barriers!
It was an amazing Balance Recovery Moment.

It was not always easy for me.
I had fear and a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to feel like violence, sadness and the need to destroy everything.
Every morning I wanted to leave.
It felt that I could not manage.
That I was too stupid and had to give it up.
Again and again I had to go deeper.
It was not easy but I knew there was no other way.
Sometime I was really angry on Wilri and myself.
But with his support I manage to feel and let go.
Now it is the past and I really live and enjoy my life.

On top of a shopping tour with Wilri and Jakub.
They advised me really great in color and shape I experienced never something like that in my life.
It was really fun and I’m very great full for that.
I love New York, the city has a big heart likewise the people.
I thank everybody who was there for the support.
I love and kiss everyone from you and I’m sure that I come again.

Minerva NYC 

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to have work done on my poor relationship
with my Mom most of my life. I felt I was treated as the black sheep of the family so I
was put in boarding school away from home since the third and fourth grades. In high
school I could only come home three times a year to visit with visiting two Sundays
a month for only 4 hours. Of course, no mail, no social life, no telephones, no boys. So
I got pretty resentful for lack of love. I found out in the work done with Wilri and the
Team that my Mom was not capable of showing love the way I needed as she never
got it either. In this process Olga took the place of my Mom and in healing showed me the
most transformative, caring, tender loving. I had never felt or received from any other
human being…such compassion and gentleness with her holding and stroking me for
what seemed like hours that she was there for ME. I am now available to receive and
experience more love with ease in my life thanks to this work with the most beautiful
and loving people on the Team that came to us in NYC so generously. It felt like magic
that in a short period of time so much healing and love did take place. I am lovable.
I am loving.


Plate Jirina

Plate Jirina 02


I want to thank you for what you have done to my life. Your presence has changed me, has brought me nearer to myself, away from all my countless confused structures.
Around you I have grown and become riper. What has happened? Not much, actually. Nothing extraordinary except that you’ve constantly shown me a mirror until I had the courage to look into the mirror and accepted what I saw there.
You have bitterly disappointed me. I was looking for somebody who tells me what I should do with my life. Somebody who instructs me what I have to do or not to do. You’re not that somebody. You have done nothing else but to love me as I am in spite of what I’ve done. You have played along with my stupid games until I realized how useless they were.
You have given me the most awful gift that I can imagine at all: complete acceptance!
I had fought my whole life. “I am wrong! I have to do this or that to be OK.” The whole time I was struggling against myself to try to be what I am not. You have shown me that I am just me. That’s all. You have rendered all my struggles useless.
Life continues as before. Sometimes there is joy, sometimes despair, sometimes I am almost going crazy. But now there is something else, as well. The confidence that everything is OK. And step by step I stop to block and control the flow of life. You have shown me the most ordinary thing of all: the miracle to be human.

Thousands of kisses to you, Jakub and the team,

Yours Jens”


Hello to everyone who wants to come to the Balance-Recovery-Moments, but is still hesitating: just do it!
It also took me some time to come to the seminars. I did not want to admit that I have problems. Everything was super, so why should I? I thought!
I was afraid of people, to approach somebody or generally to get to know new people was terrifying for me. Because of my job I am constantly in contact with children, adults and seniors, I partially reacted very aggressive and was constantly overstrained and tired. And I could not show feelings. I did not want to go on like this.
Then after pondering and fighting for a long time, I came to Wilri Waarlo. Well, what shall I say; from then on I began to live. So much has happened; indescribably much.
I like it so much to get to know new people, to trust them, to trust myself and to show my feelings. And it’s constantly getting easier, because everything, really everything is OK! I make mistakes without feeling stupid or wrong. Life is really easy when you allow it. I am very excited what’s coming next! And I am looking forward to you all!


Dear Wilri,
two days ago I sat in the train, coming from the seminar in Wesel. What a great experience again! So much love and everything was there. When I remember, I think it’s already six months since I’m coming to the Seminars, I’m fascinated and touched what happens in my Life.
I came to you and everything was fine. It was stable, I functioned, I wasn’t unhappy neither happy. I didn’t feel the need to do something about that, since my life was great put together, right? My studies were going good and I didn’t have conflicts in my relationships, how could I want more? Now I see what was there at the time: A steady, subtle depression. In Psychotherapy I learned how to handle this depression. To put it from acute and bad-feeling to this weird steady state that allowed me to function and it took all the feeling away.

And then you came and told me to just be depressive… What the fuck? Not fight it? Not trying to hide it? Not judging myself for not functioning? That It’s alright to feel what’s there. That nothing happens when I put myself out there and just am vulnerable.
I don’t even know how to describe what happened on the way or what you do there, I don’t understand anything of it and I don’t try anymore. I just feel what’s happening.
That there is so much love in my house, much more conflict, everybody engaging. There is “being there” and even stillness. Sometimes I find it so hard to accept that everything is changing and not changing at the same time. It’s more like everything is showing more as it really is. And the scariest thing is that I don’t have to change anything. That’s the worst that could have happened to my control-freak, so it scares the hell out of me but it feels lovely. And I feel that there is so much more, it prickles me in the tummy already.

Thank you so so much for being with me all the time on this way, without any conditions. I didn’t ever feel so much support and yeah, just thank you Wilri and Jakub.

Michaela Czech Republic 

Dear Wilri,

I want to thank you from my heart for the last workshop. A lot of things happened and many moments have touched me. I have felt many new things and since the last workshop I feel different and my feelings towards others are deeper/more intense. I am very thankful for that. Really. Sometimes it brings me very new situations with people that I’ve known for a long time 🙂

I am happy that I have started to feel something again. Thank you for that, it is super, although it sometimes hurts a bit. But that’s a part of life 🙂

I feel more self-confident now, I see more love and beauty around me and believe that the relations to my friends and my family have improved, as well (they are deeper and more open, now).

I also react a little bit different now – calmer, I express more what I feel. I don’t take everything as personal as in the past, although I know that in this regard there is still a lot to improve…

Wilri, I really want to thank you very much, because you have done something extraordinary. I have also started to feel my subtlety a bit. Can I say it like this 🙂 It is something completely new and up to this moment still surprising. Finally I understand what you and Jakub have meant.
I don’t know if it is really possible that so many changes have happened, but I feel it like this.
Thank you for your help and support. I know that my way is still long and that I still have to do a lot of work. I also thank you for your nice and supportive words. You’ve really been very nice to me. I thank Jakub for his support and help, as well.
My changes are so big that my mother considers coming to the workshop, as well 🙂
I wish you, Jakub and the whole team all the best and a lot of love!


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