Dearest Wilri,

for days you come to my mind again and again and an unbelievable joy arises within me. I feel so much love in my heart as I have never felt before. Many things appear easier, more simple and uncomplicated.
Of course, insecurity, a little bit of fear and other unpleasant feelings come again and again, as well. But nevertheless I don’t feel bad. If someone asks me these days how I feel, then I answer: quite well – and then I have to correct me immediately, because I have to cross out the “quite”.
I’d like to hug and kiss you again and again (is that indecent? then it’s just that way!) and my words are indeed a declaration of love to you.
Now I wonder who is that woman, who’s writing this? She is so strange to me, so new, but I quite like her. Now Christmas is drawing to a close and for the remaining hours I’d like to wish you all the best, anyway. All the best to Jakub and Jiri, I hug you and the whole world.
In Love,


Dennis 12 Years 

Through Wilri’s seminars I do not only learn to see life, but I get the opportunity to change it, as well. I meet people whom I can trust and who never laugh at you no matter how embarrassing it is.
The seminars always have a different topic and always offer a new experience. I participate in them for several years now and I can say that it is very good for me. I can work on my bad past, terrible experiences and heavy traumata or diseases. Otherwise I would continue as my family does.
Through the Balance-Recovery-Moments I learn to trust life and take it serious, to feel the pain from my past and fix myself on what’s new. I can see things of mine that I could never have imagined. For me every new day at the moments is a completely different experience with people around me with whom I can share it.
The Balance-Recovery-Moments have helped me a lot to feel my pain and to let it go. They help me to not through away my future and to break the habitual structures of my parents and mine.
Every Moment at Balance-Recovery is completely different, new to me and gives me new opportunities to change things and see things that I perhaps have never noticed before. There are many moments where I can cry, laugh or simply switch off my head. Everything that’s happening there cannot be described by words, because there’s so much love involved.
I will continue to go there to get my remaining problems over with and to learn from my new experiences.


There’s so much happening since I go to the seminars, it’s simply an indescribable feeling. It helps me in many situations, moments and experiences to view all things from a different perspective.
Especially last weekend so much has happened with me, around me and within me that cannot be grasped by words.
It’s madness. I’ve experienced how beautiful and simple everything is and can be, when you just let it happen and feel.
I live in the here and now and only enjoy the present moment and around me everything is as though it was turned off and that feels so good and is so beautiful. I didn’t know how it is to be one with love, so that it’s getting warm around my heart.
Life is so much more beautiful and freer. I am full of joy and happiness so that the people around me experience me differently and ask me: What has happened to you? You radiate something completely different, something gentle, soft and warm.
And that is what makes all the heavy things so much lighter. And when I’m feeling down, then I go back and remember everything that I could take with me this weekend. And my smile is always coming back.
Thank you.
Simply indescribably great moments and experiences, heights and depths, but within the depths there are also moments that you can take with you and make something positive from them, as I could experience on my own skin.


Beloved Wilri,

your words came just at the right moment. Thank you. Thank you for sharing and thank you for really BEING with us (me). I feel…. that any words would be just a slight glimpse of that what really is (happens) just now and that there are not many needed. Freedom is here, responsibility is coming, borders are disappearing. You are in my heart.

Peace and serenity starts with me.


Anonymous out of the Netherlands 

To open myself
I have been participating into Balance Recovery moments for a while now. Like I hoped, a lot changed in my life. At the moment, the unexpected side effects of years of hard work strike me the most. From the bottom of my heart, I am very grateful for being part of this group. The presence of my fellow participants supported me unconditionally and showed me my patterns and my share in my patterns. Without the love and help of the group, I do not think that I had been able to take the steps I have taken.
It is hard to belief but I cannot deny it. My walls are crumbling and I come closer to my true self. This changes the way I perceive my life. But above all, life treats me different. Quite often, I look very surprised to mirrors, selfies or pictures. Is that me? That person with those shiny, vivid eyes? Wilri did mention: “You are opening yourself and you start to shine.“ but I thought: “Yeah, whatever”. I was clueless about what he was talking about and the intense consequences of my day to day life.
I love to travel and this is the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Meeting new people is a through mirror. I have learned that people are happy to meet me and that they are so open and full of love and that they want to share this with me. First, I struggle against this because I could not believe that this was happening. But there was too much love and kindness that I had no other choice than to let this in. Strangers opened their hearts for me, shared their lives with me and I can mean something to them and they can mean something to me. This changes my life instantly and adds value.
Recently, someone called me a ‘people magnet’. Nevertheless, all my life I choose to stay at the background. This is now not working for me anymore. This is an unbelievable and overwhelming process for me. Actually I am full of mistrust and fear. I have no idea where this path will take me and I never thought that I would experience something like this in my life. This steady flow of beautiful and exceptional happenings give me some confidence for the future. Attending Balance Recovery Moments and getting free from my structure is still tensive but I am not that afraid of live anymore as I once was.

Susanne from Rheine 

Wilri, I thank you with all my heart (as deep as I can, anyhow). You’ve “fired” so much love at me and you did not give me up.
That touches me so much!!! And meanwhile I had thought that you had possibly become my enemy.
I haven’t recognized your love and your service for a long time and then I wanted to fight against it.
Now I sit here and my tears are running… You’re a darling!!!”


My dear ego-beaters

You gave me a lot of pleasure by your video. I am really thankful I met
such open and honest guys. I dont want to use many words to describe
what I feel, because it is impossible.

Something is changing. Slowly. But why to push a river?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am looking forward to be with you again!



Hello Wilri and Jakub…
The weekend with you was so beautiful! Touched me so deep! There are not many words I could say about that and I don’t even want to try to name it…
You know..I recognized you…and the love I experienced with that recognition was big. There is no way how to forget that.
At the moment I am still in Glastonbury assisting Kosi, flying back to Czech tommorow and then soon to Italy for a week long retreat.
I will meet you again, just don’t know when because next time you are in Czech, I will be busy with Kosi’s events in Prague.
I really love you Wilri and Jakub! Thank you for the video…


I could write a lot of beautiful words.
About openness, unity, love.
About laughter and happiness radiating from peoples hearts.
About gathering and shining eyes.

But nothing of that can grasp it right.
See pictures. They say it better than my clumsy mind.

I could write a lot of beautiful words.
About openness, unity, love.
About laughter and happiness radiating from peoples hearts.
About gathering and shining eyes.

But nothing of that can grasp it right.
See pictures. They say it better than my clumsy mind.

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