Viktorija Kabakov 

I feel save. Nowhere have I ever felt that save. I can be as I want to be and as I am, everything is okay.
I am held when I lose ground, Balance-Recovery is there. There is great trust in Wilri and everyone else.
It is not always easy and often I am stubborn for quite a while, but I know that I’m fine when I’m there and that I am always sincerely welcome, even if I have cocked up.
A pleasant warmth spreads itself and everything is full of love. Often I am sad, but it’s a nice sadness, because underneath it joy and laughter hide and everything is well again. It is even great when feelings go up and down, I then feel relieved and liberated. I experience a lot and can learn much, it gives me back strength and the joy of life.
I’m looking forward to the Balance-Recovery-Days again and again, although there is a lot of fear and insecurity towards myself, as well. Just then I know that Balance-Recovery is the right thing.
Unbelievable and simply indescribable. There are no words that can express what I experience and feel there.
Thank you for everything that you give me.


It was another great weekend in Prague and I love to come back to Czech.

This time I have found a place inside me where is always laughter. It is a divine laughter which gave me an overview over myself. It is a compassionate place from where I can observe what am I doing and from where I can laugh about my dramas, my foolishness, my craziness and most of all to laugh about my habit to take myself too serious. Yes, sometimes it was also painful. Sometimes I discovered hurts in my heart and sadness. But it was short like a spring rain and then I could laugh even more. Laugh until my jaws and my whole face hurts until I laughed to the silence and stillness. On Sunday evening I could not recognize my face in mirror. It has changed and someone new and refreshed looked at me from the mirror.

Honestly, it is so easy. It is so damn easy, that I cannot believe it and it almost drives my mind crazy. Just to be in the moment. Just to feel. Just to say yes to what is and then change is coming. Actually the biggest problem is that it is so easy, easier than the easiest thing I could ever imagine. I have never experienced something like that. Miracles can happen when I am in the present moment.


April 2011

After a seminar I was so touched that I wrote a song about what I felt.
The next seminar I brought my guitar and sang it to the whole group.
This is my song:

Hey You

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on

I see a girl who is standing beside me,
but I forget that everything is inside me
How did you do this you made me wrong,
you hide it and everything seems gone
seems gone seems gone,
and everything in my life is still floating on

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on

Just let me feel, so deep inside
I never felt it, I just run and hide
Like a little rabbit running for his life
But make like I can fly again
So running is no longer a friend
For nobody for nobody I have to hide

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on

J from Enschede 

About three years ago, I did achieve a certain stage in my life with overwhelming grief. It was hard to admit, but this sorrow had an exhausting impact and I did not knew what to do. I was forced to put my pride aside and to reach out for help. After two consultations with a local social worker, she recommended me to contact Wilri Waarlo. She gave me the following, for me at that point rather vague explanation: ‘Counselling and debating would not help you, you need to get in touch with your feelings again’.

I had absolutely no clue what this counsellor was talking about. I did not know what else to do so I did make that phone call. Quite hesitative, I decided to try such a training. I was clueless about what I could expect that weekend and I did not understood anything about that day. When I got home, I fell asleep, totally overwhelmed. This was my first night of decent rest in months. The next week I felt awful but after this week I felt better and something had changed. I decided to give this method the benefit of the doubt and to attend those trainings more often

I must admit that my behaviour during the first few trainings was almost rudely distrustful. In a immature way, I watched what happened from a corner with a passive aggressive attitude. Nevertheless, I was respected in a loving way. By now, I have participated in about 10 trainings. I have experienced incredible things and I have less cold feet. During this period of time there are nonstop radical changes in my mind as well as in my body. I have started this journey as a desperate try to ease my pain but so much more happened.

Without realising this, I have been strained for basically my entire life. In my early life, I got the diagnose limited motor skills. Nowadays the terms dyspraxia or Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) are more common. During my childhood I have dealt more often with child physiotherapists, speech therapists, remedial tutors, occupational therapists than I wished for. I guess that extra lessons of gymnastics tutorials would embarrass almost every child. I never enjoyed physical activities like team sports or playing. I am a classical example of a clumsy individual. I am a safety hazard for myself and the people around me. I joke around when I make a mess of something or if I am battling with a roll of tape. But when I am honest, I must admit that this does frustrate me. I fear the accidents, the pain, the broken bones, the bruises, the sprains, burns and abrasions. My body is covered with so many scars that I cannot remember by which accident they originate.

Accompanied, I learn to experience en to feel what happens in my body. I found my body in a miserable, strained state. Letting go of this, actually familiar, tense is hard work but a rewarding process. By means of experiencing how to feel my body, I have discovered that my body is capable of so much more than I ever imaged. I never thought that I could actually enjoy physical activities.

During the trainings I learn to come closer to myself step by step. It amazing to see that steps I have made have an immediately impact on my life. The trainings are for me a save and loving place where I learn more about myself, free myself of patterns en I expand my boundaries.
A 34-year old Dutch woman


Dear Wilri,

I write with a longer delay, even though I wanted to write you immediately after your last seminar in Czech.
The reason is that I know in how strong way you can work with people and their consciousness. I did not want to write you words of thanks and enthusiasm immediately after the end of seminar. I wished to write you from my heart that, what has changed by me in longer period of time, when the effects from seminar stopped their work and my new essence settled.

I consider the meeting with you to be fateful. In your presence something in me has opened what cannot be closed again. That something is like a wind of my true nature and it is growing more and more in me. Nevertheless I am still attaching to that old and not-nourishing. Even more, the old one in me raise the pressure more and more in order to survive. At the moment I am in life, relationship and financial crisis, while the big and wise in me is forcing me by all means to jump … and I am scared.

I would really love to come to another meeting this weekend. Unfortunately, my wife is from Thursday till Sunday in training in Craniosacral Biodynamics. Despite of my big desires to see you again I have decided to take care about children and not to put them to my Mother. It would be big hit for them and for all of us.

I believe that the important things should happen in harmony with the space. Apparently I am prepared to jump
and I have to do it alone without help. You showed me open heart and love. This is the only thing which can help me
on my journey forward. For that belongs to you incredible thanks. I will be looking forward for our next meeting.

With big love and respect, Honza.

PS: I have been doing a big number of development courses and seminars. However nobody has left in me such a footprint as you. Nobody introduced me so much into man’s feeling, harmony and love. If you would like to organize seminars only for men, I will be your first candidate and apprentice at the same time. 🙂


In the training for the first time of my life I have discovered a well of silence and joy in me.

For all of us it was a return to Prague after two years and for me also return to Czech after 6 months.

For myself I am grateful for that I could meet my brother, my father and in the end also my mum after a half year.
I cried immediately as I met them. To see joy in the eyes of my father from seeing me and for the first time in my life to get a spontaneous hug from him. To hold my brothers hand in the car and to put my other hand on father’s leg and to feel how between us flows energy and love. All this touched me very deeply. And also it touched me to see sadness in eyes of my Dad and to feel his support. It was like his eyes were saying: I miss you, but go where your heart is pulling you.

I hugged my mum and after very long time I felt really as her son. After seminar appeared a space for love between us
a space where we can meet each other as a Mother and son. And when we were saying goodbye we were hugging and crying on each other’s and I talked about fear that I felt as a small boy. About fear, that I don’t feel her love. I talked about fear that my parents don’t love me.

Suddenly family was not only a word. Suddenly it was something more real. It was a common space, which is not limited by space nor time a place where every member of a family have in heart enough space for all other members
and not only for them. And even now, when there is 800 km between me and my close ones, when I slow down then in my heart I feel all of them. And this is true even for those who are not with us anymore. Because love and heart truly knows no bounds nor space nor time.

I saw shortly also my grandma and grandpa. Grandma had short time ago a nervous breakdown and she is taking antidepressants now. She was walking in the kitchen like body without soul and I still feel sad from that. I wish her something much better than this. I wish her to be happy and that she is enjoying hers autumn of life.

Our family is quite broken. At least now I feel it this way. Every one of us bears on his heart some heaviness or hurt. Yet behind all of this, after work I went through and still going through, I feel love that would like to express herself. A love which would like to bloom and to show itself and to tell each other, that we love one another and that we are here for each other. And it is a blessing, that there is a chance to let go the heaviness and hurts and to give love a space to grow. Love needs openness for feeling and action.

Now I am grateful for my whole family. And I wish to all of us courage to look on ourselves and to see in which way we are breaking our family and in which way we are putting it together. Somewhere deep in me is still a wish of a small boy, who wishes that his family is functioning and was a safe place for life a boy who wish, that common Christmas are meeting in heart and not the most uncomfortable day od year. A day when we try to pretend that we as a family functions.

I am therefore grateful for this chance to do something for my family and for me. Despite that, I have sometimes fear, even though it hurts sometimes.

Also, I am grateful that I met a few old friends at the training. It was beautiful to see how they are more and more relaxed, how they are getting clearer … I can say, that I never saw them so happy. Thank you all for courage and for sharing their feeling and emotions.

Thank you, that you have read it this far. See you in next training.

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