Unconditional love is the true healer.
It brings everything to the surface so that it can be healed.
Everybody is looking and longing for love.

There are only two energies at the core of the human experience:
Love and Fear.
Love is expanding everything, fear makes everything contracting.
Love grants freedom, fear takes it away.
Love invites full expression, fear punishes it.
Love invites you always to break the bonds of ignorance.
Being consciousness.

We support you to open up like a beautiful flower.
Showering your love.
Heal the world and everything within.

In our Balance-Recovery Touch of Truth we experience why we behave like we do and why we are creating illnesses, traumas or bad habits.

We teach people how to feel again, how to heal unnecessary ill making structures like fear, hate, anger or addictions.
How to let them go and change them in love.
How to be in compassion and acceptance with that what is.

We let you experience that you don’t have to be a “prisoner“  of the negative situation, but that you always have the possibility to free yourself.

Many people forgot how to experience and to feel, because they are escaping from the pain in their hearts.
They are seeking shelter in mind, which is then getting stronger and overtakes the control.

We learn that life is a meditation, to be in a present moment and to create something new.
We are freeing ourselves from old emotions and we are restoring our balance again.

We work with all people no matter whether they are adults, youngsters, children, disabled, ill or addicted,
because actually we all are one and we all need to feel and to experience.

Our deepest wish is that you all discover the secret to Mental and Emotional Health.
That you heal yourself, find inner freedom, unconditional love for you and in your relationships.
Living a life without limitation.
Being one.

You are a Master

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