About Jakub

Jakub learned to assist others on their journey of becoming fully authentically who they are, by looking for his own truth. When you meet Jakub it doesn’t take long until you can sense his deep commitment and devotion to the divine and to the world around him. Since his early twenty’s he is freeing himself of family structures and destructive patterns in a way that is unconditional. If there is something to heal in himself or to become aware of, he won’t wait for the next opportunity. He will always choose the present moment to transform himself. He gifts his wisdom, often in moments when you are in your darkest place. The journey of unleashing this wisdom in himself is what equips him to help his clients discovering their own qualities and love for themselves.

He came on this earth with a special gift. He is always focusing on the divine qualities in the other. Especially in the seminars you can feel safe with him. His vulnerability, softness and beauty make the whole room feel warm and secure. He takes you as you are, always with compassion for what you are going through, assisting you on your path. Also being open about his challenges and what is going on inside of him. His intuition and insight help create this transforming energy that make the Balance-Recovery work so deep. Jakub’s and Wilri’s way of working together has a symbiotic feel to it, they are a true team.


Jakub, what brought you on the journey of looking for your true self?

I was born in former Czechoslovakia and as the country was grey, so was my life. I can remember the suffering, the constant search for something. For something which I could not find and I even didn’t know what should it be. So there was a deep wish for something deeper, something satisfying, for something valuable. Nowadays I would say it was search for love and life.

What did you experience through your journey?

I believe that this wish for love and life brought me further. It brought me to Germany and Holland where I started to live and work. And my whole life started to change and transform. In those time I met Wilri who got me through the heaviest and darkest times. He showed me what it is to feel and opened the whole new dimension of living. He is supporting me till today and nowadays I am able to support him also.

What were the biggest challenges in your life?

I started to see much more clearly that my life was a mess and after some time I started cleaning it up. Step by step. With bigger (at first) or lesser resistance. To look at my behavior, my structures and ugly sides changed everything.

I realized how much fear I had and that I decided not to have contact with anybody else except of the nature. Even if this fear and separation was dominating in my life, I learned finally to experience this, instead of running away or fight it. I learned to conquer this and let people close, see them, feel them and be in relation with them. Which is of course the way to heal.  

Getting distance from my behavior, from my mind, from my fears.

How did you start to support others?

There was also another deep wish ever present in me. To help people, to support, to contribute something. I believe that this wish brought me to Balance-Recovery. To share what I found. To share love. Meeting people on a deep, almost intimate level. Supporting them on their path and feeling the unity among us all.


My photo about 4 years ago

My photo 2008