Jakub will accompany you during the Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth.

I was born in Czech. In a country that was not free. I´ve been born into fight, fear and mistrust. I grew up in it and took it with me wherever I was. I wasn’t even aware of it. For me this was the normal state. If you would ask me I might even have answered that I was quite happy.

This underlying feeling of anxiety and a permanent sense of lack have their positive aspects, as well. It led me to search. To search for fulfillment, peace, love and true friendship.

But even more frustration came because I couldn’t find it. I wanted to have love (though I didn´t even know what that was) and I didn´t know that I first have to feel the pain. I didn´t want to feel pain. I wanted happiness.

With Wilri I´ve learned something new and very important. I’ve learned to feel what is there. If you are sad feel the sadness. If you are hurt feel the pain. Feel it and let it go.

I practiced this for years. And with the years things changed. I felt and let go of pain and fear. And what came?
To my own surprise it was peace and love!

Happiness and joy as an inner state. Moving from mind to being. And suffering is still my big teacher.
But I´ve discovered a place where there is no suffering or fear – silence.

Let us join together and support each other to deepen the silence – that what we truly are.

My photo about 4 years ago

My photo 2008