Sometimes life events happen in a way we simply can’t face up to.

In the moment we experience such an event a structure or a trauma can be created.
These structures and traumata then affect our lives, parts of our personality split off.
In order to experience and feel ourselves as a whole being we have to reunite with these split parts.
Our Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth is an event which will affect your life positively.
We offer Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth.
Opportunities to become aware of what´s playing in us,
to experience and to feel what are the underlying causes.

In our Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth we restore the natural balance of our hearts, minds and feelings.
We use our own resources to free ourselves.
It will be the beginning of a healing process.
Old suppressed emotions are released, generating huge energy for the new.

After letting go old emotions, pain and believes we leave separation and loneliness behind and move to unity in the relationship with ourselves and others.

Everyone has coping strategies to mitigating pain, anxiety, or any strong emotional responses, some healthier than others.
The unhealthy structures are no longer necessary.
We guide this process step by step.

There is no ocean telling: “That wave doesn’t belong to me.”

But we do.
And there it goes wrong.
If we say: “This wave is not allowed!”, then we have a problem with ourselves. We are used to make everything difficult.
But life is so simple.

We let people experience how simple life can be.

It is Like to open the box of Pandora. Each one of us has his own box of Pandora. We open it and take care that everything what goes out is ok. That everything can be seen and that you can be with everything.

Ocean loves all its waves.
There are no good or bad waves. All waves are part of ocean.

If you learn to be with everything that is then it can go and then you are with yourself and you love all your waves.
You are the Ocean.

Do you have the courage to look?
Are you open to experience?

Are you willing to change? To take the steps that are necessary
to heal yourself and to find your inner freedom?

Experience how to transform hurt into healing
and structures and traumata into memories of rescue and courage.

Just allow yourself to be changed.
This is what really turns the tables.

Does our method of work touch you?
And do you want to experience how you can heal your self?

See our seminar schedule or feel free to contact us.