“Love, compassion and humbleness are my true religion.
To be happy in our daily life it is important
to practice this every moment.
Being one with everything.”
-Wilri Waarlo-

As a transformation and Wilri Waarlo accompanied individuals and groups on their way to mental, emotional and physical balance, for more than 24 years. During this intense journey he developed the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Method.

In addition to his broad experience in areas of the human nature, he also has specific qualifications in the field of personal development and change.

The extensive work with people and the simultaneous study by masters of both eastern and western traditions formed his unique and very direct approach over the years. His inimitable style was also shaped and proved in a long-year service as an assistant of one of his masters.

People who Wilri accompanied on their way say, that he always goes directly to the core of the problem and that everything in their lives starts to change immediately. Old structures and habits fall away and they are getting in contact with their truth.

Getting in contact with his ability of deep compassion and presence is truly a life changing event. Through the deepness of his being and compassion you will get in contact with your own essence when he works with you. This will lead to relaxation, and the place where before there was suffering, pain and fear will be filled with love.

He simply feels what you feel. In that moment your pain is his pain, your fear is his fear. Through the power of compassion he will show you your own and unique way to freedom and love. In his compassion lies the power of an open heart which resonates with your own heart.

religionsThe old pain can flow away and you can restore your own ability to heal yourself. Through compassion he opens the space for healing the true causes and for acceptance, change and transformation. It is a space where you will meet your own heart, compassion and fullness of love.

In his work Wilri takes the best from the most famous religions and spiritual traditions. He is open to every religion and every tradition.

Whether it is about worldwide religions like Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism or Zen or the spiritual traditions like Sufism and shamanism, Wilri doesn´t judge and criticize, because everything is one and in every religion and in every spiritual tradition you can find something beautiful.

All religions and all spiritual traditions are just different roads to the same point.

Being one.

His teaching is direct and simple. It is based on simple being, authenticity, openness and vulnerability. The experience of deep sadness and the experience of joy of life are melting together and become transformed into inner calmness and peace. You can touch him and he will welcome you in his arms just as you really are. In his soft hug you can trustfully dissolve, let everything go and feel whole again.

He works directly and precisely on the spot that needs to be healed. No blind shooting or letting you stand alone in darkness. He will bring the light of consciousness to the place which you need to feel and which you need to heal. Through him you will heal yourself with your own resources and consciousness.

From loneliness to relationship.
From fear to love.
From stagnation to change.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists,
when his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
they will say:
we did it ourselves.
– Lao Tzu –

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