About Wilri

Wilri sees us how we are. Always giving what is best for us to grow, to get more free and loving. He is really caring and always choosing for love.

Through overcoming difficult periods in his life he developed deep compassion, understanding and also clarity and sharpness. Bringing light and love into lives of others is what his life is about.

He stayed with his spiritual teacher for thirteen years and learned also how to serve others by assisting him. Wilri is educated in a variety of methods and did training throughout many areas, which gives him a wide perspective on life and on the human nature. These experiences formed and refined what was already in him. He has a god given gift of bringing to the surface what is there inside of you, like an amplifier.

When you look him in the eyes he is actually touching your soul, your deep truth. Like a living mirror showing you who you really are. Your Truth resonates with his truth. That is a deep connecting experience and helps to see things more clearly.

He is open to whatever the universe is giving us in the moment and he shares this and makes it easier to experience for others. That is why in the balance recovery work people often experience feelings of grace and bliss and also fear and pain.

The way to grace and bliss is often going through fear pain and despair and suffering.

Wilri is not working according to a certain method. His way of connecting is also his way of teaching: Living and accepting what is there in this present moment. His style is grounded in life and about being and living authentically. He shows you how life can be a meditation by developing devotion in everything you do and practicing selfless service. If we learn to accept ourselves and that what is, then we will find the way to freedom.

What means the word ‘spirituality’ to you?

We all are spiritual human beings. We are here on earth to make a human experience. Spiritual to me means that you are conscious in every moment, feeling, dwelling in the now. There is no spiritual and not spiritual because god is in everything and everywhere. It is about to feel and be aware that everything is god consciousness. You find god in everything that is. Being spiritual is nothing special. Many people think they are extraordinary, because they consider themselves as spiritual, but actually spirituality is about being humble.

What is the purpose of life according to you?

The purpose of life is life itself, learning to find god in you and in everything. We are here to experience life fully.

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