Letter to children and parents who are affected by the diagnosis ADHD/ADD:

Dear children and youngsters,

are you tired of constantly being called noisy, annoying and twitchy? Tired of sitting still the whole day instead of romping around and having fun? Do you feel that you are forced to a lot of things in your life? Are you afraid of what will become of you someday? Are you often told that you are good for nothing or stupid or that you cannot do anything? Are you not taken seriously? Do others always say that you are different and not normal?

We think it’s sad that children, youngsters and adults with an ADHD/ADD-diagnosis are described as the cause of a problem of which the reason lies in our environment.

Dear parents,
Are you also completely overstrained with the behavior of your child?
Were you already approached by people who wanted to convince you that your child needs a pill to be more concentrated, social and “conformable”?
With regard to your child, have you ever decided against your feeling, because of structures in schools, sports clubs etc. and do you see no other way as giving your child Ritalin etc.?

Many parents are put under pressure by teachers, doctors and psychologists to benumb their child with the agent Methylphenidate. And they are called “irresponsible”, if they do not consent to that. Nevertheless, we are convinced by the opposite.

Often children are labeled as sick and they are kept quiet with the agent Methylphenidate to function in our system. Their nature is suppressed, so that the people in the public health system, in schools, in politics and the parents do not have to take care of their own problems. Our children draw our attention to a disorder that affects all of us. For everybody involved, it is very easy to stamp the cause of the disorder on the child and to try to suppress the symptoms with a pill. This treatment of our children is irresponsible, violent and destructive. The nature of the children and thereby their creativity, zest and lightness are systematically destroyed. And everybody contributes to the destruction: parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, etc.

Many say: “Give Ritalin to the boy, then he’s well. He will become more concentrated, patient, adjusted, he won’t be so wild anymore and won’t kick over the traces. All will thus be better off!” Who thinks about how it is for the child concerned?

All involved parties who advocate the diagnosis ADHD/ADD and the agent Methylphenidate abuse these two things. Then they don’t have to see and change ill-making patterns in themselves and the system. We are fed up with the lies and the cowardice of teachers, doctors, therapists and parents.

We from Balance-Recovery want to look at the causes of the diagnosis ADHD/ADD, which in our experience lie in the environment. We support you as children to recover the trust in yourselves and your faculties. We would like to empower you as parents to trust your children again with all their faculties. You do not have to follow the given and ill-making patterns of our society.

We can support you in private sessions or group seminars. For questions and further information, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Your Balance-Recovery Team