A circular letter to doctors and therapists, who have the courage to be open and stand up for the children and youngsters.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Dr. /Prof.

We are a student of psychology and a student of medicine and lately we have concerned ourselves a lot with the topic ADHD/ADD in children. We have come across you through our internet research for the topic. We are looking for doctors and therapists, who have the courage to be open and to stand up for children and youngsters.

AD(H)D is the diagnosis for our society, not for our children

Childhood is not a disease. Children romp around, are loud and do not like to do their homework. That is completely normal – they are not ill. They are a mirror of our society and their parents. But since a few years stressful, rioting boys get the diagnosis ADHD/ADD, because then no one has to take responsibility for the behavior of the children. The environment cannot help it and the school does not have to ask itself why it is anti-children and especially anti-boys. One easily keeps them calm and “fixes” them with drugs and a little behavior therapy, because actually it is the genes’ fault, anyway.

Our pressure-and-achievement-society is sick, because it takes childhood from the children. The parents want good grades and raise their children out of the fear of what social status they might achieve. They act against the nature of their child and thereby against their child. Aggressive behavior and vandalism are simply the child’s answer to what it experiences. Ulrich Fegeler, speaker of the Professional Union for Children and Adolescent Medicine, has brought it to the point in an article in FAZ in 2012. He thinks that the accessory symptoms of ADHD/ADD like reading and writing disability, tics and abnormal social behavior are really a psychic reaction to the way how society treats these boys. “They are constantly hassled and that makes them psychologically ill”, he says.

It is the parents who have attention deficit, not the children, because they do not want to look and pass their own problems on the children. They are too lazy and too cowardly to deal with themselves and tell the children that they were ill. The children and adults are really in trouble. Something has to happen, now. Society has to finally wake up and see how the children are broken. We do not have to live out of fear. There is another way and everybody has the possibility. Currently, most of the parents and therapists work against the children. It is about being there for the children and supporting them on their way.


There are many points of criticism regarding Methylphenidate. The tranquilization, without clarifying the causes is probably what is most dangerous for the children, but the side effects like sleep disturbance, eating disorder, hypertension and retardation of growth are as precarious. Long-term effects of the agent Methylphenidate in drugs like Ritalin, Medikinet, Concerta and Equasym are not investigated. When the drug takes over the regulatory function of the brain, the infantine, dynamic brain has not left any space for self-regulation. The development of the child becomes psychologically and neurochemically disturbed by the diagnosis ADHD/ADD and the medicinal therapy. Doctors who prescribe it use the drug to intervene deeply into the physiology of the brain and impair the child for a whole life.

The environment of a child with an ADHD/ADD-diagnosis often has a great interest that the child takes Methylphenidate-preparations, because the psychological strain of parents, teachers, etc. is very high and they are overburdened and helpless. Methylphenidate, however, only reduces the symptoms of AD(H)D. The causes, which in our experience lie in the environment of the child, are thereby neglected.

The pharmaceutical industry also takes a great interest in children with an ADHD/ADD-diagnosis. For example, the pharmaceutical company Novartis has already achieved global sales of 464 Million Dollar with Ritalin solely in 2010. The doctors and therapists are pressured from all sides to prescribe Methylphenidate to the children. It is their responsibility to give the children an opportunity to develop according to their nature. They can also decide to bow to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and of a lot of parents. Then they do not decide in the interest of the child and are not doctors or therapists.

Addressing the root causes and empowering the children

Since some time, we attend seminars with Balance-Recovery. There we have seen how the method supports children with an ADHD/ADD-diagnosis. In the seminars, children and parents make new experiences with themselves. Children learn how to direct attention on their own perceptions and feelings. They get a new sense of community in the group and experience that they can contribute and be a part of it. They are not judged or stamped. The parents deal with their own structures and experience how their behavior influences the child. Together, a compassionate treatment of the child is promoted. Parents are encouraged to give their children freedom and love. The strengths of the child unfold.

Children have to learn how to conduct themselves in a community and to care for themselves just as to endure things that they do not like. When they can learn this with love and patience instead of violence and pressure, then this does not go against their nature. On the contrary, thereby they become stronger and develop self-esteem and first and foremost it comes to children living their childhood and enjoying life.

What is Balance-Recovery?

The organization offers single and group seminars in Germany, Czech, Belgium and the USA. In the seminars people get the opportunity to experience why they behave as they do. We look behind certain habits and diseases and experience why they are there. The participants unfold empathy and acceptance for themselves and others. Wilri Waarlo and Jakub Endrys support the participants to perceive their feelings again and free themselves from ill-making patterns like fear, hatred, anger and addiction. People make the experience that they are not a prisoner of a negative situation. They free themselves from the patterns of the past and thus they come into contact with the present. They create their life and have a lot of fun.
If you are interested, you are warmly welcome to get to know the Balance-Recovery Method. We look forward to a conversation, too.

Kind Regards

Yinka Aranmolate

Lanre Aranmolate