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Balance-Recovery-Blog – April 2016

By April 4, 2016 May 16th, 2016 Blog, Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

This year started amazingly. More and more people invite us to their countries to work there. Our organization is growing and changing. Everywhere people loving them selves and in that way also the world.
I’m amazed what a courage people have to let go of the past and start to live in the now.
We are building a solid organization based on love and honesty and this organization is ready to support all those beautiful people worldwide. We started this year with our first visit to Istanbul.

Turkey welcomed us warmly. From the wonderful Bilgi Paylaşım Center we could see the bridge over the Bosporus to the Asian part of the city. Istanbul connects Asia and Europe. Here you can see that there is no difference between Europeans and Asians. We are all people looking for love. Lovely Dina and colleagues of the Bilgi Paylaşım Center took good care of us.

The Turkish people are really open and willing to look at what is there. The private sessions where fully booked and the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment was very special. Istanbul had some surprises for us. Even the birds and the weather supported us with our work. Our friend Can took us out to dinner. We had the perfect chicken in a thick crust of salt and the staff was singing and dancing when they served it. On the last two days, it was snowing and many flights were delayed or cancelled, but ours was perfectly on time.

New York
A day after a giant blizzard that shut down the entire east coast of the US, we landed in a beautiful, white New York City. This time we stayed in Brooklyn. We visit our beloved Grace several times. We never met a masseuse that hurts you so much, but makes you feel so good afterwards. She literally makes room in your chest to breathe deep again. Thank you Grace for helping us to bring our bodies more in balance!

This time our Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments were held at the Bhakti Center. We were warmly welcomed. This was our fourth Self-Healing-Moment in NYC and the New York people are more and more starting to experience, understand and enjoy the unique work. The number of participants of the Self-Healing-Moments is growing rapidly. We hardly recognized some of the participants from previous times. They became so much softer and more beautiful. We are grateful to see that they came closer to their true nature and so incredibly fast . We thank Mary and Michaela for the support.

After two weeks of private sessions and Self-Healing-Moments in NYC, we took the plane to Miami for our second visit at Stephanie’s Pamuya Healing Sanctuary and to see our dear friends again. We met a lot of new people at the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment. The people of Miami went really deep. Over and over again we see what happens with people if there start to experience again. Whole life is changing immediately We thank Stephanie and Ingrid for supporting the people of Miami on their road to their true nature. It is great that we keep in touch with our US-based friends with Skype sessions.

Germany NRW
The group is getting bigger and bigger and it was time to move forward to a bigger location. We are happy with our new host Haus Elmer in Hamminkeln.
We were pleased that after a long time, some people took the step of joining the Self-Healing-Moment. It was great to welcome new people. People who are joining the Self-Healing-Moments for a longer period of time and new participants melted together.

We were excited about going back to Prague. Due to our busy travel schedule, we haven’t been there for three months. IMG_7303 On the first night we have had a lovely dinner to celebrate Jakub’s birthday. For the movie, see Wilri’s Facebook-Page. A lot is happening in Prague and we were looking forward to see our friends there again. It is great to see what happens to the Czech people. Throughout the years, the community in Prague turned out to be a kind of family. We were for the first time at the amazing, bigger venue DDM-OS. We enjoyed the friendly staff and the big room with high ceilings and a lot of daylight.

April has started with our first Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment in Dubai. We are thrilled to bring Balance-Recovery to the United Arab Emirates. The Self-Healing-Moment was amazing. The first one and a half hour we were just talking about the Emirates, its history and its culture. Dubai has similarities with New York. There are people from all over the world living together in peace. It is really safe; there is hardly any crime. The participants told us that about 44 years ago, there was nothing but desert here. The seven monarchs who had a lot of war among each other decided to stop fighting and to support each other. They founded the United Emirates. It was a kind of same vision as Nelson Mandela had. We got a total different vision of Dubai. The generosity and openness of the Sheikhs and their support to the local people astonished us. The inhabitants of the Emirates can even directly contact the Sheikhs if they need help. The Sheikhs share their wealth in order to support people in many ways.

In May, we will be on the road non-stop . We will work in Istanbul, Prague, Germany, New York and Miami. You will read more about these adventures in our next blog. Check our event calendar for the venues and feel free to join us.

Later this year we are also in London, Lithuania and Israel.

With love, God bless you,
Your Balance-Recovery Team

Jakub Endrýs


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