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Dear Friends,
October brought us a lot of thrill. We are happy to share with you some special moments.


We had profound Self-Healing-Moments with Wilri and Jakub in Prague.
Here are a few comments from people who participated in the weekend:

“I have never experienced something like this. There are no words.
Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot help people, but this work can. This is the work of the future” – Vladislav, senior-

Wilri & Michaela“After I came home from the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment, for the first time in months, the bedroom door of my 15-years old son was open. That is how fast things can change. When I told Wilri this, Wilri asked me: ‘What have you changed in yourself that your son could open his door again?’ I answered: ‘Giving up control, Opening up.'” -Jitka-

“If I hadn’t met Wilri and Jakub, I wouldn’ have made it until now. They saved my life.” -Jeantine-

“I’m addicted to Wilri and Jakub.
Wilri answered: ‘That’s not a dangerous addiction. It will only kill your ego at the end’.” -Monika-

“You always say us what is a blessing. But I tell you what is a blessing!”
Wilri said: “I listen.”
“To meet you.” -Zdeňka-

Skoda_front“Oh, God! Why can’t you just tell us to stay in Prague another day, instead of breaking down our car! God was really kind, it was just a plug that the mechanic didn’t properly put back in and the oil was leaking out. We had to stay another night because it’s a public holiday and all garages were closed. The next day we got a replacement car and we could go back home.” -Wilri-

Join us next time in Prague on Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment!


Wilri & Jakub dancing NRWThe Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment in NRW was also very precious.

The theme was intimacy. Everybody of us felt blessed to be a part of this. It felt like a big family.

More and more people in Germany are coming to us and change their lives.

We are thrilled that we have made contact with German-Turkish associations and with people from politics. Among other things, our flyer will be translated into Turkish and we get entrance to German-Turkish communities, unions and similar associations, so that they can support us with our petition against Ritalin. Together we are making a dream come true and stand up against the drugging of our children.

For this purpose we also want to organize information evenings about the topic ADHD. Our dear Turkish friend has given us the great suggestion that we organize information evenings via live stream.

Join us next time in Germany on Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment!

At the moment Wilri and Jakub are on tour in the USA. They are going to be there for a whole month and are visiting NYC and Miami. They are also giving private sessions. You have to meet them.
Make that change!

With Love, God bless you,
Your Balance-Recovery-Team,
Jakub Endrýs


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