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IMG_1853_smallThursday evening was a blessing. I had the privilege to work with a beautiful family – they had a private session, because the kids are often ill. For me it is so special that parents are willing to look and experience what is making their kids ill.
Finally parents who not believe that everything is fault of the kids. Because kids taking everything in also from the parents to get it in balance again. Even if they get ill by themselves.
The kids wanna have us free. It is getting time that parents are like this, willing to feel their own hurts, their own fear so that it is not necessary for the kids to feel that. So that our kids are free and can play instead of carrying all the hurt not felt from the parents and environment.


photo-blog-prague-june-2015-02Today it was madness.
It was total madness.
Knocking ’em alive with love!! 💗. Amazing.
Silence is so alive.
Silence is so crazy.
Silence is being in god hands every single moment.
It was …………….. no words. Even an animal joined in.
Being lost and found.
If you loose yourself you find god.
It was unbelievable. Indescribable.
And so simple at the same time.
We are so blessed that we can experience depth of life
How can you describe universal love?
How can you describe god laughing?
I don’t know. We cannot do it.
But we can experience it.

28-06-2015 – Morning

photo-blog-prague-june-2015-03Our beautiful walk in a Prague park.

We imprisoned ourselves and our world that much that if somebody starts to cry in the middle of the park, because she feels her inner prison, people come and look what happen and the first thing they ask is: „Shall I call an Ambulance?“
My God!
How disturbed are we?
People are crying and they want to call an ambulance.
Is everybody blind?
How can you be happy?
How can you be in blessing?
If you are not allowed to feel your sadness.
How do you want to live?
Without rain
You are dying.

28-06-2015 – Evening

photo-blog-prague-june-2015-04Report from our Balance-Recovery Self-healing transformation weekend in Prague.

It’s just beyond all words.
A miracle so simple and so divine.
Instant destroying from the past.
Years of suffering, separation and loneliness.
All in one weekend.
Dissolving in one ocean.
One heart.
One body.
One soul.
If you really want to turn the tables in your life then be there the next time.
Don’t miss life.
Take the chance to transform in one weekend everything in the better.
Your relationships with others and your relationship with life it self.
Drinking the Nectar of Life.
Dates are August 28 2015, August 29 2015, August 30 2015 and August 31 2015 in Prague.

29-06-2015 – Morning

photo-blog-prague-june-2015-05Report of our morning breakfast in the centre of Prague.

3 ambulances
1 police car
5 people ask to call an ambulance
3 people ask to help
Just because somebody was crying and let all her hurts go.
If a lot of light is coming in your life our EGO or Mind tell run away it’s getting dangerous.
He is right; it’s getting dangerous for him and mind.
They have to go and mind have to be universal mind.
Doing Balance-Recovery work on the street, connecting strangers with strangers, afterwards there were friends and they know there are no strangers.
Jakub felt suddenly all the hurts and the fear from past times.
A great woman was asking is everything Ok, and we told her that Jakub was
crying the pain out from Czech, than she said then it is okay.
Life is a gift be so curious to let it in unwrap it and live it fully.
A 13 year old boy Dennis is Manager over 5 people from 30 till almost 60 years isn’t life crazy.

29-06-2015 – Evening

Our Balance-Recovery special regeneration day in Prague

Nothing is impossible. Everything can change. In four hours.
Complete erase of system and past.
Great destroying and erase.
Complete Life reset.
Starting at new.
Living out of other experience.
Experience everything at new.
You even don’t know what is a finger and a hand.
Complete erase of mind.
Profound renewal of the basis. A new basis to live from, to build on your newborn life. It is like to build your life on a solid basis even if you had no basis at all.
Our being is so miraculous, so complex and yet so simple, that it has such a self-healing system that you experience all the stages of your life from birth till now in the present moment and is healing and regenerating even your cells and genes. It is not to describe what is happening in such a day. Life is healing life nothing in between.
It is a wonder and still natural. Being completely naked again. Completely transparent. Total vulnerable. What a blessing. You have to really experience this. It is the making up from your life.


photo-blog-prague-june-2015-06A testimonial from one of our participants and a picture of other one.

Dear reader
If you hesitate to join Balance-Recovery-Moment, let’s share my experience and explain why I chose BR.
– BR is not about talking, psychological theories or ezoteric fairy tales. Experiencing is prefered to talking. I needed a lot of years in other seminars to get something. I needed one weekend of half an year for the same in BR.
– Other lecturers or therapists were very careful. Wilri goes straight to matter. Wilri accepts me by his whole heart, but still he is able to shake with me. Then I can wake up from my delusions and structures.
– There is no excuse at Wilri. He does not save me. As good trainer he shows me when I cheat. And I can escape. But I know anyway that ball is on my side of playground and I return to the “game”, because I know I cant ran away from me.
And what BR gave me? Decisiveness, selfconfidence, love, comprehension, acceptation of other people and myself. I have more balanced relationship with others and me. My life is simpler, without a lot of problems which I created myself and called them problems. My life is less about suffering and more about blessing, no matter what happens.


photo-blog-prague-june-2015-07The heritage of Hitler

There are still many people in Germany suffering under the cramped hand of Hitler.
It is like the collective Ego still lives in the past shadow of Hitler.
Many people are still fighting with guilt feelings.
Fighting for love.
Escaping in work.
Getting ill or live in constant fear.
It is difficult to feel.
People closed up and life is a fight.
They learned to raise the kids by breaking them.
Make them hard”, was the slogan.
Do not take care if there cry, let them cry.
They should not feel, but obey.
The only way we get soldiers and master race.
And now we ask why the kids have so much familiar burden.
Why are there so violent and broken, with a lot of labels like ADHD and more.
Believe me the Germans can be free.
They are also loved by God and his light is shining on them.
They have to open up.
Feel again.
Experience again.
Cry again.
Letting go the old hurts from the past.
Living in the now.
Not excluding anything.
That’s exactly what we did.
This weekend we could take care that we could open the cramped hand so that light could shine.
Again we were with many Germans in Czech to do The Balance Recovery Transformation Weekend so that also the relationship between the Germans and Czech could heal.


photo-blog-prague-june-2015-08A testimonial from our Michael Kilp :

Our stay in Prague from 25.7. to 1.7.2015
Under instruction from Wilri and Jacub, I could experience in these days amazing transforming steps by the others and myself that have really astonished me. And that is not easy to accomplish, because I have also tried and experienced a lot in my 58 years.

On June 27th and 28th we met people from all diverse origins in Prague. There were of course Czechs, but also Dutch and German participants. They came together to work with the help of the Balance-Recovery-Moment on their inner hurtful themes and to experience healing steps on the level of the individual and this time also on the level of the collective pain-body.

I have never witnessed in my whole life so many healing experiences as in these days, not only on myself, but also on the other participants.

One central point was the collective trauma-energy of the era of Hitler that still holds me and others in its strangle-hold. We could all live through how this violence, the suppressing grind down of human beings, the not feeling of pain (emotional and also physical) has lead us to walk through life like machines or robots, without perceiving, that we are remote-controlled and not unfold our God-given, original life, not to speak off celebrating it.

I have always asked me why I have never relished success with all my efforts and cannot experience real joy and lightness in my life. Now it has become clear to me that I have never lived my life. I have never been – or only for a short moment – with me.

During these days, I went through very painful and dark processes, several times. In the beginning, I also of course have resisted to feel these frightening emotions and tried to avoid my pain by clever sayings and mind-tricks. But I had two true companions, Wilri and Jacub, on my side, who were not impressed by my ego-tricks and so, with the help of these loving companions, I could find to my inner truth.

In doing so, Wilri had often confronted me with very harsh, but unmistakable words that brought me completely out of my countenance. He brought me again and again out from moments of trance, for example, which I initially perceived as a meditative state and which I wrongly got used to during my yearlong Zen-practice.

But now it is clear to me that he had done this out of a deep love and fearlessness. I am very thankful for that and it brings me tears of gratitude for this great compassion.

From the deepest heart, I can only say to all of you: “It was worth it, I have arrived at myself, I feel an unbelievable aliveness in me and I am looking forward to the adventures that life still holds ready for me.”
I hug you all.

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