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Unexpected happened again. We got a very special participant in NRW. Our animal friend Kim took part in Balance-Recovery-Moment. She gave people the possibility to reconnect with the unconditional love from animals.

Spring weather allowed us to go out and to get in connection with waking up nature waking up ourselves.
On 23. and 24. May we meet each other with theme “Getting free from Inner Saboteur”.
A great theme and always good for a laughter.
We are looking forward to see you.


IMG_3231In April we were again warmly welcomed in our beloved Prague. Prague is truly magical place and every time we come back we love it more and more. Again we had great time and we met people in very extraordinary but at the same time in a very natural way.

A lot Participants from other countries traveling with us to Prague a gathering from several nations meeting in deep understanding compassion for what ever there is.
Having a lot of fun together.
A gathering from nature to nature creating friendship forever!
Love overwhelming creating great connections openness like an ocean.
Everything one.

On our Experience-Evening we could welcome a lot of new guests together with two youngsters, it’s always a blessing and a really touching if kids are in a Balance-Recovery-Moment.
See you all next time in June with the theme “Silence Speaks”.



First days of May we celebrated in Bremen. This time we had a theme Ocean of Life. Our groups in Bremen are growing and all the participants jumped into a deep healing process. In the peaceful and calming atmosphere of beautiful space of “Beletage Akademie Steinreich” was everybody supported on an authentic way to love and prosperity.


Deep healing. Deep contact with your essence. Deep contact with other people. That was our time in Bremen.

University Witten

Two of our friends invited us to introduce Balance-Recovery work at University Witten/Herdecke. It was a great experience for us to work again, with people who will become or already are our Doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists. We are looking forward for future cooperation and we are ready to take the chance to bring another Dimension to Academic Ground; the dimension of open heart, feeling, compassion and true human connection.

Balance-Recovery Life Center

Logo-vector-trn-caption-long-smallOur team is thrilled to announce you that our new Balance-Recovery-Life Center is coming. Our new Life Centre is located in virgin countryside of Münsterland and the whole team is now working hard so that we can welcome our first visitors. You can look forward to a safe space to develop your potential, friendly people, loving care, great food, Indian sauna and much more. Stay in touch for more info.

Much love,
Your Balance-Recovery-Team

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