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Dear Friends,
a lot has happened in September.

15 people in 3 cars traveled to join us for 7 days in Prague

This time again, it was a very deep transformation process for everybody. It really brings you beyond everything you can imagine. Prague is really a magical city and it pulls people to come back again and again. From the very beginning every member of our group was deeply immersed in the process of Life. It was a truly a pure celebration of Life from the first till the last moment. We were dancing wildly on street with so called strangers, but in that space there are no strangers, there are only friends. We were delighted to taste the amazing food in one of the best Prague restaurants, called SOHO. Their ice cream can bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

And of course we let go the old and opened up for something new and fresh. All of us celebrated Life with every sense, welcoming every taste, every feeling and every emotion Life can offer. Deepening friendship. Discovering the new. Opening to our true selves. Finding others in our selves.

It is amazing what can happen in just a few days. It feels like a miracle to see one of our participants looking 20 years younger after the Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment.

Come and experience what a Balance Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment can do for you. Come and discover what miracles you can do for yourself, because it is about YOU.

This time we also started with private-sessions like in the USA and there were amazing shifts happening with many people who had a session.

We are looking forward to see you in October on 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th and 27th for private sessions.


In Germany we are working hard on opening our first Balance-Recovery Life Center in Nottuln. Currently we are negotiating with the local authorities about the Balance-Recovery Life Center with gastronomy, senior day care, stationary and ambulant care for young people and refugees, as well as care for people with or without disabilities and families.

Some officials were not prepared to co-operate and would not even give us some information. We went to the complaints office. The competent authority there was even moved to tears when he learned about the work of Wilri. He gave us access to a higher authority in Wesel. He promised us to support us with everything, what he did. It was different with the higher authorities. Some of them were very enthusiastic about our enterprise. And they wanted such a Center to open in Wesel, as well. We got tips and possibilities how to do that. They are very interested to work with us and can hardly wait.

Among other things, we currently get much support from various institutions and organizations in order to open our center.

More and more people want to come to our Life Center. There are already six people living with us and it looks as if two more are soon to come. In addition, recently more and more people come to us and stay with us for a while to get support. We even got a donation of furniture for our Center. While the community grows together and becomes bigger and bigger, everyone unfolds his creativity.

We started the ADHD-Project together with youngsters in a school, in Germany

Yinka and Lanre visited Marion in her school to talk with the youngsters about ADHD and the way children are kept quiet by drugs like Ritalin, Medikinet etc. Most of them really felt that those children with so called ADHD who get the agent methylphenidate which is chemically working like an amphetamine, are kept away from their nature. Some students shared experiences they had with friends and relatives who are medicated with Ritalin. Some of them said it changed their personality. And that it seemed like they were numbed.

A boy in the school said: “My little brother is diagnosed with ADHD, but I think he is just fine and normal.” We shared our opinion, that ADHD is a fictitious disease, abused by people who don’t want to see the truth and what the behavior of the children is showing us. The Diagnosis ADHD is a way, to tell children and more and more adults, that there is something to fix about them. But it’s society which has to change, so everybody can be happy and be his true self.

It is important that children can make the experience that everything is okay. No matter if there is shouting, laughter, crying or just climbing trees. That’s why we played games together and shared our diverse experiences.
At the moment, we are preparing a petition to ostracize methylphenidate out of the German health care system via referendum. The people should finally start to listen to the children. We should let them be themselves and let them live their childhood. We don’t have the right to do anything else.

That day we were blown away. The openness of the children was overwhelming and it made everything feel so light and easy. Working together with children is a gift. It made us feel humble, because we didn’t do much, but to see the children creating freshness and love was so beautiful. We could only be there, receive and be thankful for everything that happened.

USA, fast and rich as always. With Lot of new experiences

We have arrived at our beloved NYC at 9/15. It’s just amazing. We immediately felt like returning home again. We are feeling here like a fish in the water.

SurfingSurfing on the waves of life

We did an interview with LeGrande Green. It was marvelous. We had so much fun together. He instantly hooked up with us and was very enthusiastic about our work. He told us that he is looking forward to support our work throughout the whole US. Thank you, friend!

You can listen to the interview here: www.getboldtoday.com/168-wilri-waarlo-meet-your-inner-healer/

On the Friday, we had live music with Michael Braudy.

We had a weekend of profound self-healing with very deep transformations.

It’s always a miracle to see how deep the self-healing goes with cleansing up structures, which have been there for many, many generations. Unconscious, dark levels are brought out in the light of love and freedom.

We gave private-sessions for several days with many people, working individually on their issues. The first private-sessions for November are already booked. Amazing to see what happens, if people do the weekend and then afterwards a private-session to deepen up.

Our dear friend Mary did great organization work and it is always a blessing to work with her. Michaela was also there and we went to the beach together to enjoy. We had a great dinner with our friend Linda who will host us together with Michaela in November.

Together with the family, we visited a local famous psychical clinic in New Jersey.

A beautiful guy who is suffering from the past, living daily in war, desperately looking for a way out. It was a blessing to work with him and we pray that he is getting out soon. It should be an honor to welcome him in our Balance-Recovery Life Center. So that he can heal in a place that is safe and with loving people who understand what he is going through. He writes beautiful poems. If you want to support him please say so.

A poem from our friend Daniel:
I am broken inside
By a tearful divide.
And rage I cannot hide
I am torn apart,
I have broken her heart.
And yet through grace from above,
I have fallen in love.

In the evening there was an eclipse of the moon and we were witnessing that on the top of one of the tallest buildings in NYC together with our three already dear friends who invited us.
It was amazing and so powerful.

America we love you and embrace you!

In November we are back in New York and new is Miami.

In second half of January we will be in New York, again. For exact dates follow our homepage.

For people who want to enjoy beautiful weather and a time out in the winter together with us, we will be in Miami with a longer retreat. For exact dates follow our homepage.

And at this moment we are negotiating about New Jersey, too, because a beautiful lady has asked us if it is possible that we come also to New Jersey if she organize an event for us.

Wilri also got an invitation to do a radio show in Canada.

Upcoming Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moments:

Experience Evening – October 23
Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment – October 24 till 26
Private sessions available

Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment – October 31 till November 1
Private sessions available

New York:
Experience Evening – November 6
Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment – November 7 till 8
Private sessions available

Experience Evening – November 20
Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Moment – November 21 till 22
Private sessions available

For details check our Event Calendar.

Much love,
God bless you all,
Your Balance-Recovery-Team
Jakub Endrýs

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