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Beloved friends

The year 2014 was a challenging year in every way, it brought us and ask us to go behind all our borders. Every time again it was losing everything we know, have or think we are. Finding something new, something so fresh so rich and the same time so simple and obvious. Something what is always there and what can never leave and never come.

You can call it love, you can call it oneness, you can call it silence and you can call it God.

But one thing is sure, it is like it is. Nothing to change, nothing to do, just to be. We are thanking everybody for sharing your life with us and helping us to extend so fast and so wide after starting again out of nothing.

We are really deeply touched by heart and grateful for everything what Happened.

For the year 2015 we wish everybody to be free from enmity, danger, mental suffering, and physical suffering. May everybody take care of themselves happily.

We wish you prosperity, richness and success. We are looking forward to the year 2015 because our work is expanding to five more countries. I am happy to announce that we are every two month in Czech Republic. We are starting a new project with parents and kids and we are ready to find our new centrum where people can come for a visit or stay to find balance in their live again.

With all our Love,

Wilri, Jakub and The Balance-Recovery-Team

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