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One of the deepest experiences for me was the meeting of feminine energy.

Women and feminine energy have always been something what I couldn´t trust. I had to be always alert because it is dangerous.

This time there were women standing in front of me completely open – first the fear came. But there was also a strong wish to join this beautiful and accepting energy. To be in it and find there peace.

This fine woman power was so beautiful that a voice in my head told me: you are not worth it. I felt myself like dirty.
I felt guilty: Am I allowed to accept it?

Gradually this negative and fearful thoughts have changed and I felt almost sacred respect. As if the women were representing the life itself. So accepting, caring, uniting and loving. I could be simply how I am.

So finally I took courage and I dived into this beautiful energy pulsing with life. And I let myself embrace.
And I let go all my worries and gave up my fights. I just was there, resting. I had no words. I could only slowly bow.

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