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Yesterday, one of My Masters Amma posted this message on facebook that she and other leaders of the world’s religions made history. They came together in one voice to declare that modern slavery is a crime against humanity. They called on all people, irrespective of gender, faith and culture, to work together to eradicate human trafficking and all other forms of slavery from the face of the earth by 2020.


  • At the same time we were in my beautiful country Czech. This weekend was not only about working on Freedom but as always with Freedom we were working on Ego and Collective EGO.
  • It asked a lot of serving even I had to give in I was working 24 hours a day.
  • There also happened so much to my Three assistants and me. We had the feeling that we were here for one month. On friday we got extra help from David.
  • Jakub and I also got two new Assistants Filip and Henrik who is only 16 year old, so serving, so being there for other people, so in love, so helping to heal and to feel, taking in the hurts of other people and beings.

Henrik’s wish two month ago was to be my assistant. He had a very big mouth and he didn’t have any clue what it is to assist me. He was really shocked and there was a lot of fear. But the beloved one did it anyway. And also he got profound healing from the past where he got the label disturbed and ADHD. But now he knows better by Heart, it is not him who is disturbed but the EGO’s from the people who told so. There was no ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but only unconditional love.

This means they didn’t give him attention (unconditional love) and he got the label Hyperactive to ask attention and awareness from the EGO from the parents about everything what is happening and parents and society refuse to see and to feel and to listen.

If we work on freedom a lot of darkness is showing, a lot of ugliness is showing and it is more than we can bear.
Ego starts to show his worst sides.
The important Question is who has to bear it and why want the I to bear it.
The way to freedom cannot be recognized by EGO.

This weekend there was profound healing, for all the participants and their relatives, families and the past ones and the past of the Czech country. Two past opposites for the regime and against the regime were meeting together and at the end the both were lovers and past was laughing and finely freedom was there again it´s so crazy it´s so amazing it never went.

Some EGO’s from people try to not see, dropped out, judging happens, too hard, too soft, too loud, too still, but unconditional Love have many faces and EGO’s don’t like It.

Some even try to destroy it, but you cannot destroy that what is.
It cannot go in your way Because EGO don’t want to die it is a terrible message and EGO cannot manage it.


I Want to use the words of one of my Three masters who is no master.

The nature of liberation is direct, simple and as natural as breathing. Many will come across it and shuffle quickly back to that which they think they can know and do. But there are those with whom the invitation will resonate… they will suddenly see and be ready to let go of all seeking, even for that which they have called enlightenment.

Private email for Wilri from participant of Balance-Recovery-Moment in Prague November 2014:

Hi Wilri,
I would like to share with you a few things, it was raining when we were coming back home and the rain washed everything away. It was a blessing for me. In the night I was sleeping really deeply and today in the morning when I was going to my job the snow was falling and everything was white, so new, so beautiful. Something new began, different. And the last thing – in my office I have on my notice-board 8 verses of mind training – it is a teaching from Dalai Lama. And today morning I read them again and it was for the first time when I was crying while reading them. I was not thinking about them but I was feeling them. There is so much love in them. I thank you for everything.

Here they are:

With a determination to achieve the highest aim
For the benefit of all sentient beings
Which surpasses even the wish-fulfilling gem,
May I hold them dear at all times.

Whenever I interact with someone,
May I view myself as the lowest amongst all,
And, from the very depths of my heart,
Respectfully hold others as superior.

In all my deeds may I probe into my mind,
And as soon as mental and emotional afflictions arise-
As they endanger myself and others-
May I strongly confront them and avert them.

When I see beings of unpleasant character
Oppressed by strong negativity and suffering,
May I hold them dear-for they are rare to find-
As if I have discovered a jewel treasure!

When others, out of jealousy
Treat me wrongly with abuse, slander, and scorn,
May I take upon myself the defeat
And offer to others the victory.

When someone whom I have helped,
Or in whom I have placed great hopes,
Mistreats me in extremely hurtful ways,
May I regard him still as my precious teacher.

In brief, may I offer benefit and joy
To all my mothers, both directly and indirectly,
May I quietly take upon myself
All hurts and pains of my mothers.

May all this remain undefiled
By the stains of the eight mundane concerns;
And may I, recognizing all things as illusion,
Devoid of clinging, be released from bondage.

With love and humbleness Jirka.

Even four days later EGO’s are still in Shock a lot of people writing me.
Everything is new so fragile, nurse it like a new BORN BABY.
Not judging anything, its just like it is.
Be humble be small.

Please, stay in contact.

Your Wilri

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