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Our last training in Prague was really special and very intensive. Egos were fighting and trying to defend its position. Turmoil, pain, suffering. But in the middle of that like out of nothing broke through something new, bigger, lighter and boundless. Like a new dimension which cannot be described in words. Freedom.

This I could see also with my father whom I visit every time I am in Prague. This time I could see him as I know him, as a man with his structures and behaviors which I like or not. But then there was something more. It was like an explosion of white, almost blinding light. We were sitting and talking in a kitchen and suddenly I saw-felt him like a beautiful and loving being. We were talking about stuff and at the same time we were hugging, almost dancing. Like meeting in eternity. I felt also the healing which happened. The deep rooted feeling that I am alone, abandoned and forgotten, this cold black hole was filled with love. And now I feel more trust, I feel that I am not alone. There is peace. Finally after so long fight, fear and struggle. I was in a shock, I could not believe it. It was too big to grasp it. And I feel that still now I have no words for that what happened, I am staring with a open mouth maybe still a little in a shock.

It was like a magical time. I met also my dearest friend Filip again. But this time it went also beyond all words. Like meeting him for the first time after many many years. So loving and intimate. And even more. Like his past and my past were meeting each other. First fighting but then loving and laughing. Getting free. Amazing. And I feel him still in my heart like he is right with me.

If we choose for love instead of for our ego than beautiful things and miracles will happen.

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