The Balance-Reocovery Self-Healing-Moments are life changing and profoundly self-healing. Balance-Recovery is like life itself.
If you ask yourself: “Is this something for me?”
Then ask yourself instead: “Is life something for me?”

Balance-Recovery means finding balance in every single part of your life and changes your life instantly.
It is about finding balance in your mind, feelings, body, soul… in everything.
Not excluding anything.
Balance-Recovery means to be one with all there is.

The basis where we are working from is that you are OK.
Whatever they said to you in your past, whatever you experienced in your past,
you are completely OK.
There is no right or wrong and everything is good as it is.

Your physical and psychological is natural.
All your “not feeling good” is natural.
It is not a problem, it´s a symptom that your inner being is not able to tolerate it anymore.

We are not working with symptoms.
No more suppressing of symptoms.
We go directly to the cause.

It is our specialty to go right to the cause of your issues. Just bring your current issues and together we will activate your self-healing-power.

Beautiful, profound self-healing is happening during Balance-Reocovery Self-Healing-Moments.
Balance-Recovery is a self-healing-method which goes beyond the mind,
its structures and concepts.
It takes care that the structures created by our mind are revealed and through this process we can let them go.
That is just the way nature works.

Already in antiquity Plato (427 – 347 v. Chr.) praised the vis medicatrix naturae, the natural self-healing power – the ability of all organisms to heal themselves.
It is the faculty of every cell to repair its genetic material on its own.
Also the Buddha and other far-eastern sages were aware of nature’s primordial source of power. They viewed man as a part of the universe: every human being is his own cosmos with complex cycles and a naturally well-balanced equilibrium of positive and negative forces.

In other words: Man will become ill when he has lost contact with himself and nature by wrong livelihood and diet, too much stress and above all by negative thoughts.
We will become ill when the harmony between mind, body and soul is disturbed.

People are always trying to figure out how the Balance-Reocovery Self-Healing-Method works.

Even though it completely aligns with discoveries of current science, the method is not meant to be grasped by mind and its names, boxes and labels.
Otherwise it could not work, because it is the old structures of our mind which ensure that we are getting ill and keep us in our issues.

You cannot heal something on the same level where it was created.
It is about going back to our nature and the nature of human beings is to be healthy.
Nevertheless at the moment our nature is to be unhealthy, because we are not in contact with our true self.
Currently our nature is always in a hurry.
But our true nature is never in a hurry.
Our true nature is nourishing silence.

Balance-Recovery is a deeply grounding method which supports you to stay with both feet on the ground, in the now, in yourself, in peace, in love no matter what is happening around you.

Balance-Reocovery Self-Healing-Moments help you to:
• Reconnect with your true self
• Deepen your relationships
• Self-heal the causes of diseases, illnesses and other sufferings
• Make your wishes and dreams come true
• Enjoy life as it is

Come and celebrate life with us, because life is joy, life is fun, life is easy.
Life is what it is. So live it.

Earth, teach me

The most efficient medicine is the natural healing power that is within each of us.
-Hippokrates from Kós-

Your natural state

In our Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments we provide for the undisturbed flow of the energy currents within us,
so that the balance between body, mind and soul is restored.

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