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Last Weekend we had a great training in Prague

I’m really touched and grateful about all the processes that are happened.

I´m grateful, that I may do this work.

I was in Prague after a long time and it was such a joy to be again in Prague. At Friday we had an open evening with new people organized by Peter Bartal, he did a great job and he was really in service to the people. It´s amazing what an openness and peace there was after One evening, everything was one.

Saturday and Sunday we had our training and again everybody was going in to deep spaces to clear and to go into happiness and great fullness. Everybody made big steps towards freedom and love, being one with other beings, dissolving past, letting go old narrowing structures and opening up for love and being in the now.

Thank you all for you’re trust and openness, and see you the next time in January.


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