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Nicole Nicole wrote on Červenec 23, 2017 at 18:25:
When I first saw the photos of Wilri, I had an overwhelming sense that I absolutely needed to work with him. And I’m so glad that I did listen to that intuition for the healings that I’ve received from him have been nothing short of transformative. I’ve been on a healing path for more years than I wish to recount and throughout this journey I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best healers out there. And I say this with true conviction that Wilri in my estimation is probably one of the top, top, top healers. For those who know the path well, they know that each healer has their own unique style of working and niche. And this is certainly the case with Wilri, albeit his style is probably the most unique that I’ve ever come across and it can only truly be experienced in person to get a real sense of it. So my description can really not do it its full justice, but I will try and paint that picture. In the group dynamic, Wilri draws everyone in, in some interconnected way or another. After various group exercises, including eye gazing’s, he will then bring one participant to the fore at a time to address their personal issues in a customized way, but in doing so, he is very well aware of how everyone else is reacting to the individual person being worked on at a given time. And then sometimes to enhance that one individuals healing, he creates an assemblage of sorts while putting together a juxtaposition, whereas the other members are used to create a montage or a composition of the energy that needs to speak-up and have a voice to be released. Throughout the weekend workshops that I took with Wilri, every single one of these group scenarios that I witnessed were so beautiful leading to a definitive healing for each person that had been worked on. An example that I recall was that Wilri ascertained that someone needed to dance a very fast waltz and he then danced feverishly with this person until she was able to emotionally let go of her repressed feelings in a cathartic fashion. The story-line of the communist years was very prevalent for many members who had lived through this experience and Wilri created a snap shot of these traumas, with multiple people being placed alongside the healee to represent, play a role and emphatically relate to or console them. I was able to somewhat relate to this and receive a healing for my ancestral line because my father had escaped in the 1956 revolution from Hungary, and that’s why I had been present that particular weekend. And it had been incredible to watch when I had the opportunity to witness Wilri working with a few special needs people as well. Wilri gives very firm instructions as to what role or part in each scenario he wants each person (not necessarily all) to play, like a well-run production. For myself, the most profound healing I received from Wilri happened to be the first weekend I had attended. After perusing his methods for the day, when he called upon me, I had initially been quite reticent or simply unable to just let go completely. Rather there was a part of me that had been so completely blocked that no other healer had ever picked-up on, which surprised me considering how much energy work I had already done on myself to this date. But what I needed was for Wilri to get such accurate information as he tuned-in to establish my trust and to talk to me about it. He clearly saw many aspects of my childhood and the patterns of my family so well. I like so many other people who emigrate to this path did experience a tremendous amount of emotional abuse and Wilri saw the outright mean spiritedness of it all. It took Wilri quite a long time in a very persistent way to sort of converse with me, as I tried to rationalize much of it, while also dowsing me with energy until he found a few key memories within me that were the trigger. He was not willing to give-up on me getting to this point, explaining to me what I wasn’t quite getting. This then was the spark to allow the energy into the extreme blockage I was holding in my back and at this point I finally hunched over and landed on all fours onto the floor. At this point, Wilri so thoroughly and directly with his hands moved the energy throughout my back as I spontaneously began to release the anger very vocally with my whole being and every ounce of strength I had; I could no longer contain it at all. As Wilri was pulling more and more of this anger out, he was simultaneously dumping it into a bowl of water to cleanse it and this lasted for quite some time until we were both spent. This anger had been preventing so much flow in my life and after an intense integration I saw this more and more clearly, allowing me to feel so much freer, unencumbered and more aligned with more of my higher self. Wilri had foreseen that it would enhance my manifestation ability a lot. Wilri had made sure to assist me in releasing what remained of this blockage in a follow-up weekend, when I was ready to do so and that healing was also so incredible and divinely inspired, but it would be too detailed to spell-out. I have no qualms in fully and unequivocally recommending an experience with Wilri to all who should read this review and to those who are at a stage ready and feel drawn to work with Wilri. He works completely from his heart to go straight into the heart of the matter affecting us the most, with the intention to open up our hearts so much more fully. I’ve felt so blessed to have had this opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented fully connected healer.