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Last weekend we had again a great happening in Prague. It is always special for me. But this time it got over the top. Because the best friend from Jakub was there and we had a lot of new people and the theme was about fulfilling relationships. And when I am talking about fulfilling relationships then it is not only about men and women and women and men but about everything. It means that you have relationship with yourself and then you experience that there are no strangers and everybody is you. And there is an oneness in relationships with all the beings. I was really touched. Really blown away from the courage from the people to experience their truth and how difficult traumas could transformate with such easiness and simplicity in one weekend. And everybody got it what it means to have a truly relationship and that when you really are in your truth then everything is coming your way. Then god is working through you and with you.

For example we were walking with my team in a city and I heard music. I told Jakub hey that is important for you and me. Then we looked and Jakub was really touched and I immediately felt that it is music for seminar. We bought a two CDs and this great music brought again something new and beautiful to all people in Balance-Recovery-Moment. And life is in that way. You have to be open. It is about to be open. And then you can be every moment wondering about what is happening.

The feedback from several people was that it was complete transformation with such easiness and they could simple put it in their lives. It is not about going to a seminar and feeling good. It is about bringing it in your life. It is about living it.

To make everything even stronger we got on Monday a new event. That was sauna and swimming pool and to get in touch with the energy of the kids in our relationships with kids. There was so much … I have no words for that, but to describe it a bit … vulnerability, innocence and so fragile that you are almost too scared to move, because you break that kind of love and silence. It was amazing. Out of those experiences and out the experiences with baby whose parents were in seminar and with other babies we met before in swimming pool is Jakub now creating a new cooperation with organization which let the parents swim with small babies. We were allowed to experience how 11 month baby is swimming in a circle of people, kissing everybody because everything was one. No words. Just the picture.


There was no separation. Everything is one. In a moment we are working out what we do next time because maybe we can prepare for you a new special setting. Follow us. When we know more you can read about it here. And we will also let you know by email.


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