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Moments of Truth – Germany, NRW – Confirmed

April 27, 2019 - April 28, 2019

What can you expect from a seminar?

Every weekend-seminar is different. Wilri is working out of the now, in the present moment. Through his presence, love and consciousness and the energy that the participants bring with them a transformational growth of consciousness arises for every individual participant. This makes change easier and helps to perceive the own divine qualities. There is always a lot of silence. The consciousness of all participants is moving to a deeper level. That is a great support that everybody can utilize in his own unique way.

The method is difficult to describe, because the now is changing constantly and there is no fixed agenda. Just as the things that help you to transform. The openness for the now allows Wilri to do or say exactly that, which helps you to find your true nature in that very moment. Furthermore the presence of the group is supporting you. What the other is feeling, has a place in yourself as well.

Oftentimes we want to change the now or complain about it. But the acceptance itself and becoming aware of the now are making us free and take care that the things are falling into place.

Wilri’s guidance makes this process easier for us to live through. The seminar helps with our life becoming easier and takes care that our wellbeing is not influenced by circumstances and others in a negative way. We stay centered in our love and peace. This has a direct influence on our relationships as well, because we can face each other authentically.

We learn to live out of our true being again. We learn to get control over our mind, instead of the mind controlling us. The clearest manifestation of abundance of the mind is the successful act! We find love in whatever we do and fear cannot stop us anymore, because we learn not to identify with it. Letting go of the past and Living in the now. Realizing your true nature and the experience of accepting yourself – that is Balance-Recovery.


“I just wanted to send my deepest gratitude to you. Not for anything in particular, just for existing and being such a beautiful radiance of unconditional love. Thank you, and I love you!”
– Jackie, USA

“I have never experienced something like this. There are no words.
Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot help people, but this work can.
This is the work of the future.”
– Vladislav, Psycholog a učitel, Czech Republic

“Wilri is a love surgeon. His courage is contagious. His rebellious spirit is like standing under a cool waterfall deep in the forest and letting all the crap wash away. Life is so beautiful. He helps to bring us back here.”
– Jill, USA

“Wilri! Thank you so much. It is a very deep, healing and eye opening experience. Your work brings me close to my True Self and allows to shed ‘stuff’ that I am having and even don’t know about. It is a Big Step to Free Yourself.”
– Masha, USA

“Wilri and Jakub are supporting me unconditionally since the very first moment and that saved my life. The Work is filled with so much love and passion from them, it inspires and makes me wonder again every time. They are a blessing to us.”
– Yinka, Germany

Wilri Waarlo

His teaching is direct and simple. It is based on simple being, authenticity, openness and vulnerability. The experience of deep sadness and the experience of joy of life are melting together and become transformed into inner calmness and peace. You can touch him and he will welcome you in his arms just as you really are. In his soft hug you can trustfully dissolve, let everything go and feel whole again.

He works directly and precisely on the spot that needs to be healed. No blind shooting or letting you stand alone in darkness. He will bring the light of consciousness to the place which you need to feel and which you need to heal. Through him you will heal yourself with your own resources and consciousness.
More about Wilri …

Jakub Endrýs

I will accompany you during the Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth.

I was born in Czech. In a country that was not free. I´ve been born into fight, fear and mistrust. I grew up in it and took it with me wherever I was. I wasn’t even aware of it. For me this was the normal state. If you would ask me I might even have answered that I was quite happy.

This underlying feeling of anxiety and a permanent sense of lack have their positive aspects, as well. It led me to search. To search for fulfillment, peace, love and true friendship.
More about Jakub …

Organizational Information


Saturday, April 27, 2019
11:30 : Registration
12:00 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth with Wilri

Sunday, April 28, 2019
11:30 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth with Wilri

Financial compensation Saturday:
Adults: €119,-
Students: €99,-
Children: €59,- (Children accompanied by at least one parent.

Financial compensation Saturday and Sunday:
Adults: €169,-
Students: €129,-
Children: €89,- (Children
accompanied by at least one

You will receive an e-mail with all the payment information.
Place on Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth with Wilri is booked after full payment of the amount.

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April 27, 2019
April 28, 2019
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