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Saturday, December 15
11:30 : Registration
12:00 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth with Wilri

Sunday, December 16
11:30 – 17:00 : Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth with Wilri

Financial compensation Saturday:
Adults: €119,-
Students: €99,-
Children: €59,- (Children accompanied by at least one parent.

Financial compensation Saturday and Sunday:
Adults: €169,-
Students: €129,-
Children: €89,- (Children accompanied by at least one parent.)

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Wilri supports you in these moments to experience that you can free yourself from the bondage of old habits and structures.

Finding the inner causes of diseases and illnesses.
Finding the truth in you, the one you really are.
Experience that you are already whole and need to do nothing for that.
Experience that you are whole and that nothing in your life can really influence or attach to you if you are home in that place.

The work stimulates a confronting process, where we can free ourselves from everything what no longer serves you or even burdens you.
That affects every part of life.
In that way light, love and inner peace become alive again, physical and psychical symptoms can change positively.

Many people all over the world describe these events as life-changing and freeing. Wilri and Jakub provide this support for everybody, who are truthfully looking for peace love and freedom.
We invite you to take place in the “Moments of Truth”.

We are love, silence and happiness.
We are here to celebrate life in all facets and to be grateful for everything.

How blessed we are.

We invite you to discover your true nature!

Supported by Jakub

“I just wanted to send my deepest gratitude to you. Not for anything in particular, just for existing and being such a beautiful radiance of unconditional love. Thank you, and I love you!” – Jackie, USA

“Wilri is a love surgeon. His courage is contagious. His rebellious spirit is like standing under a cool waterfall deep in the forest and letting all the crap wash away.
Life is so beautiful. He helps to bring us back here.” – Jill, USA

“I have never experienced something like this. There are no words.
Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot help people, but this work can. This is the work of the future.”
– Vladislav, Psychologist and teacher, Czech Republic

“Wilri! Thank you so much. It is a very deep, healing and eye opening experience. Your work brings me close to my True Self and allows to shed ‘stuff’ that I am having and even don’t know about. It is a Big Step to Free Yourself.” – Masha, USA

“Wilri and Jakub are supporting me unconditionally since the very first moment and that saved my life. The Work is filled with so much love and passion from them, it inspires and makes me wonder again every time. They are a blessing to us.” – Yinka, German

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