The registration of participation is assured as soon as the electronic- or hand-signed form and the full payment/deposit of the participation fee are both received by the organization of Balance-Recovery W. Waarlo. The condition for participation in the trainings-program is the full payment of the agreed amount. A payment plan is available on request.

By signing this Registration/Agreement formula, the participant agrees to pay the agreed amount to Balance-Recovery W. Waarlo. Payment plan is available on request.

If received at least 10 working days before the start of the training, no fees are payable. Within 10 days before the event, no refunds on the payment/deposit are possible. If, for whatever reason, participation to an event is not possible, the received payment(s)/deposit(s) are assigned as credit for a following event. With prior consultation with the course instructor, participation and the use of the credit will be assigned.

Responsibility / Liability
Participation to our training is voluntary. Participants are in responsible and accountable for themselves and their actions before, during and after the events. We refuse every responsibility in this matter. We expect our participants to prove their respect for the privacy of fellow participants in all its forms, as well as to the word “STOP”, which must be seen such during the events and exercises.

The training-organizers, the training-manager and the organization as a legal person can not be held liable for damages that are caused by the participants at the various venues.

Participation to the trainings and sessions are held in individual responsibility of each participant. Our trainings do not replace doctor-visits and are no substitute for psychotherapy. If you are under medical and/or psychiatric treatment, you are advised to discuss the attendance with your psychiatrist and/or healthcare provider before participating in any activity of our organization and related to our organization.

In case of violence, possession and use of statutory adverse illegal substances, as well as disturbances within the events The organizers have the right to turn the police and whether you will be excluded from the event. Exclusion expires all rights on further participation and all legal rights to refunds. If you decide to leave earlier the training, then there is no refund possible Provided the training fee not to be paid yet it is immediately payable, also the cancellation period of 10 days expires immediately.

Audiovisual Recordings
It is possible that during our events we will take audio-visual recordings. By signing the application you agree that those audio-visual recordings (eg. pictures, videos and audio recordings) are property of Balance-Recovery Wilri Waarlo and they can be used only for our purposes.

I declare to have agreed and signed to the conditions mentioned above, with full awareness and access to my full mental capacity and as such am fully accountable for my actions.

Your online registration is legally valid