Smile-at-Children-2Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice.
– Peggy O´Mara –

To have a great relationship with others,
you need to have a relationship with yourself.

In a family everybody affects one another.
Broken families create broken children.

If something is wrong within a family, it will keep going on, until someone decides to change this. Someone who is willing to feel and experience what has happened and is willing to forgive all hurts and anger and finds love again for himself and for others. At the moment, there are a lot of children who are very sensitive. These children are feeling the destructive energy between family members and others. They feel the emotional and the mental neglect. If a family member, like mom or dad closes up, then the kids will take over their feelings. They will try to bring harmony at all costs.

Prayer for Healing the Family Tree

Children feel the traumatic experiences that their parents have had in their past. On top of this, when parents live in fear, hate or anger, their children cannot feel their love. They can only feel these negative emotions. This confuses the children. They want to have something from their parents so they will take over their emotions. They are screaming for attention: “Mommy, daddy open up!”

Many adults complain about kids and youngsters that they haven’t got any respect. But the question is: “From whom do they learn that?” In order to get respect, you have to give respect in the first place. If the adults are closed, refusing to see and feel their own feelings, how can they possibly teach kids to respect the feelings of others? What else can you expect from kids than screaming, asking for attention, getting violent, getting aggressive or ill?

How can we expect children to be good pupils if no one is listening to them? If the school standards are requiring behavior which is against the true nature of the child? Children are feeling unhappy and frustrated. The tension between hurt children rises and kids spent their days in an awful, draining atmosphere. Teachers are under pressure and they cannot replace the missing parents. No one is happy with the poisoned environment where many kids are getting even more traumatized.

Please parents look at what’s happening in our world.
We can change it!
Be open for each other. For your own feelings and emotions.

In the Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth we teach parents and children to experience again so that they can feel each other and themselves. The kids get more self-esteem and also their school life is changing positively.
They even get less bullied, because they see that they are mirroring each other.


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