In our Balance-Recovery Family Reunion Sessions we work on self-healing and reuniting the family through many generations.

When a member of a family has the courage to look at what is there and starts to experience it then everything changes instantly.

We’ve witnessed whole families get healed in a blink of an eye.

Wilri walks into the past and brings light and love to the whole family system.
All the darkness transferred through the family tree dissolves through the power of love, compassion and forgiveness.
Families that have been living in war and darkness for many generations find love, joy and peace again.
It is amazing! So powerful! It’s like a miracle happening.

By experiencing emotions like hate, anger and violence they are turned into love and silence.
It’s a magical transformation.
The whole family tree is flooded by love.
Even the souls of deceased family members find peace again.
This gives you so much strength and support in all aspects of your life.
You have all the love that was hidden in your family tree empowering you, nourishing you and letting you grow.

The whole family will be reunited and you feel a deep and loving connection with all family members.


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