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Dear Friends,
the year 2018 was a very precious year for Balance-Recovery.

We look back at it with much gratitude.

This year was filled with so many blessings and wonders, excitement and growth.

Last year we had planted the seed of the Life-Center and nurtured it. This year our seed took roots.

We are very thankful to the many people who visited us and who we could receive as guests. We could share many enriching experiences with each other. We enjoyed it so much to welcome you and serve you.

It is a great joy to see the Life-Center and the people living there prosper.

We are also very happy that we could see our beloved friends from Lithuania, Turkey and the Czech Republic again and come together for the Moments of Truth.

It is a pleasure to see how our friends have changed, grown and developed higher consciousness. It is always very touching to be reunited with our companions on our journey.
All of us striving together for deeper love, peace and wisdom.

For the coming year 2019, our intentions are directed on deepening our achievements and expanding our work.

We expect to host workshops and classes on diverse themes in the Life-Center.

There will also be special offers for the seniors in the vicinity.

We also plan to expand our Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth to more countries and we are really looking forward to meet new friends there.

We wish all of you a Happy New Year and so much love, joy, peace and growth for the coming year 2019!

With Love, God bless you,
Your Wilri and Jakub

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