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Eva Karlasova interviews Wilri Waarlo, creator of the Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Method.

Eva Karlasova is a famous journalist from the Czech Republic. Her work encompasses – among other – being editor for OK! Magazine and Salt&Pepper, she contributed to the Websites and Newsletters of Unilever and works as a freelance media professional.

It is like it is

Would you like to find your mental, emotional and physical balance, but you are afraid to do it alone? Or are you in midst of an intensive seeking, but it doesn´t bring any concrete results? Try to put all your fears, doubts and seeking into a care of experienced guide – transformation master Wilri Waarlo will help you, thanks to his endless compassion, to destroy all old and unnecessary stuff and to reveal again the pure joy of life in yourself.

interview_img_5837In the end of august you will visit Prague again and people will have the opportunity to join into your intensive weekend seminar Balance-Recovery Moment. How would you introduce your therapeutic work to those who don´t know it?

Every event is different like the life itself, it is impossible to plan it. It is simply naturally evolving according what is needed in the moment. Actually during Balance-Recovery-Moments we have one goal – that people look the truth in the eyes and stop hiding from themselves and their feelings. During our meeting you will understand on your own why you are behaving like you do and where your ‘strategy’ is leading you. You will dissolve your suppressed emotions, blockades and false convictions. Maybe at the moment you will be crying or angry, but at the end of this clearing process you will experience something beautiful: a return to your nature, you will understand that pain and joy cannot exist without each other and when you push one away you will never feel the other.

During your events you can be really harsh and honest, why?

Why to waste time with unnecessary words when we can go right to the core? Every participant gets exactly what he needs. That is why I am very kind to one and very harsh to another. Some truths are not easy to accept, it hurts and some people are hating me for my honesty. Their hatred takes some time – then they understand, that everything is as it is. And that the more they are fighting it the less happiness they gonna have in life.

interview_img_5939When somebody is watching you in action it is clear that you exactly know what is happening in everybody. When did you discover this gift in yourself?

I had this as a small child. I remember that I felt everybody’s issues and how they can solve the problem. But it was so much and so strong and so painful that I have closed up from the world. The more I was closing my eyes from this the worse it was going with me. This strategy of closing up, hiding and surviving was leading to deep depression and anxiety. Often I wouldn´t sleep all night, I was only thinking: what gonna be, what will happen with me? (Wilri is laughing). It was leading so far that I wanted to end my life. But in the last moment something in me said no and I decided to stay. In that time I met a woman with the same gift of this extreme feeling ability as I had and she started to make my feelings clear. After the fourth meeting she said to me: And now go and do with the people what I did with you. So I did and now it is 24 years that I am destroying the old and helping the new to be born. There is nothing complicated about personal transformation. It is about that people looking their truth in the eyes and aren´t afraid to feel what is coming whatever it is.

What can participants look forward to if they don´t have fear to face the truth?

Without unnecessary talking we will lead them to consciously meet their feelings and long hidden pain. They will closely look to their fears, hatred, anger or addiction. They will stop suppressing them, they will fully accept them. These frightening things which are a burden for the unconsciousness and which can lead to illnesses will transform into helpers. In that moment all unnecessary fears, shyness, anxiety and suppression will disappear and desire to live in the here and now with all there is will take their place.

Wilri Waarlo (52)

  • He is already helping for 24 years with deep transformation. He discovered his ‘mission’ thanks to his problems and anxieties, which he went through successfully.
  • He studied with masters of western and eastern traditions, which formed his exclusive and direct approach. In his work he uses the most famous religions and spiritual traditions, because he believes that all of them are leading to the same goal and that all around us is One.
  • Thanks to his deep empathy he can feel exactly what are you going through at the moment, he can lead you through the variety of feelings and through releasing them the space for healing is opening up.
  • Wilri is now living in Germany but he does his therapeutic Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing weekends in lots of other countries. His right hand is Jakub Endrys who is assisting and translating during seminairs.

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Interview by Eva Karlasová.


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