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Dear friends!

The time has finally come. On Saturday, September 2, 2017 at 10 am, Balance-Recovery Life-Center GmbH will be officially opened at the more than 120 years old Haus Constanze.

The Balance-Recovery Life-Center is a place that integrates all aspects of human experience. All expressions of life are included. Everything gets the opportunity to become whole again.

Our approach is very unique in that nothing is excluded. The central idea is to learn to enjoy life as it is and to share this joy of life with other people and all beings. Everybody is welcome here and is supported individually and accompanied to unfold his or her true potential. Everybody gets the opportunity to find his or her individual way to restore personal balance. We are working with seniors, youth, refugees, disabled people, etc. Everybody has the chance to express him- or herself and to contribute.

Balance-Recovery Life-Center GmbH Guest House is more than a mere guest house. We are creating a home for ourselves and everybody who wants to discover and celebrate life. A life-community where people live, work and create together is growing steadily. We offer the possibility to stay short or long term, to live here or just to spend a night.

We are spending much joyful effort in recreating this place. For us transforming this place is a way to transform ourselves.

The decoration of the rooms is an expression of the love and respect that we have towards this place. Also our food is meant as a gift not just for the tongue, but also for the soul. Come and enjoy the moment with our great food.

We feel very blessed that we are allowed to open our first Balance-Recovery Life-Center in this very special place. The surrounding nature is simply amazing. It is bringing peace and rest to everybody who is willing to leave the hustle and bustle behind. Our Center and our offers continually grow and evolve further. In the near future, teachers from all over the world will be invited to support you actively.

We are joyfully looking forward to finally open the Balance-Recovery Life-Center GmbH Guest House and we would like to invite you to celebrate this exceptional day with us.

You can find more information on our homepage www.haus-constanze.de and www.balance-recovery.com or ask our staff.

When you would like to come to celebrate this day with us and maybe bring some friends or relatives, then please give us a short notice via email or phone.
Email: lifecenter@balance-recovery.com
Phone: +49 (0) 258 9937 3796

We wish you a pleasant stay and we are looking forward to hear your ideas and critique, because we are open to constantly bring our service and approach towards people on a higher level.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Your Balance-Recovery Life-Center GmbH Team

Haus Constanze
Rosenallee 1
46487 Wesel-Diersfordt
Tel. 0049 (0) 285 9937 3796

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