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Dear Friends!

Balancing your body

Life goes fast. We are bringing the work to new countries; England, Lithuania. Changing constantly. Changing habits, changing our relation with food. Exploring the possibilities of using food as a medicine. Rain seed based food supplements came on our path. We are so amazed by the changes in our bodies since we are using Rain. More and more people around us started to use Rain as well and they are also experiencing cleansing, optimization of the body and they are gaining more energy. See our homepage for more information about changing your lifestyle today with Rain.

Life center

More and more people from the whole world are visiting our center. People with totally different backgrounds and five cats are living together. Experiencing what comes up and letting it go. Our life center is a center of big transformations. Entire families want to stay in our life center. We are looking for a bigger building with a lot of nature, silence and room for coming together and creativity.

Consciousness in school

We are progressing in bringing awareness to parents and in schools about consciousness and ADHD. We have a case with changing the school system. The involved teacher found it most shocking that she found out that the kids in her class are not dreaming anymore. Youngsters really opened up. We saved kids lives. Students and teachers deepened their relationship with each other. Taking care that kinds dare to dream again. The children are asking for more of these classes.


This year, we visited Turkey twice. In July, two days before we left, we received on that Friday night, a lot of messages of people who where worried about the situation in Turkey. We turned on the television and we could hardly believe what was going on in Turkey. A coup was happening and a lot of people died or got injured. The airports of Turkey closed down instantly. We were not sure if we could go to Turkey on Sunday. Right away, we decided that if we could get a flight to Turkey, we would go to Istanbul, no matter what the media was showing us. It is important that we are there for the Turkish people. On Sunday, a lot of flights where still cancelled but our flight went. We stayed as always right at the Taksim square where all the demonstrations were. We even had snipers on the roof of our building. We felt safe and we were just happy to see our friends again. We did barely recognize some people. They transformed completely.

Jakub and I can work everywhere. Sometimes we start to work on the street spontaneously. This time Dina suggested to do a Balance-Recovery moment on a boat in the Bosporus during full moon. To work with the cleansing power of the ocean and full moon. So we did. Jakub and I felt like ballerinas in order to stay in balance on the boat that was rolling on the waves. This was a very powerful experience with the cleansing water of the ocean, the full moon and about the female part. I invite all the people in Turkey to be there next time. It is an amazing experience. In Turkey we are also expanding. In November we will both visit Istanbul and for the first time Izmir.


For years, we are visiting Prague five or six times a year. The contact with our close friends in Prague is getting closer and closer. We will be there in October and December again.


In September we visited Lithuania for the first time. Warmly welcomed in Kaunas by Marijus and Birute. The Lithuanian people really touched our hearts. The people opened themselves really fast. We wanted to stay 8 days but we stayed 2 days longer to be able to work more with the Lithuanian people. Because everything was booked out and the people were asking for sessions. We had seven private sessions on a day. The Balance-Recovery moment was in a beautiful building with a lot of windows. The youngest participant was 8 months and the oldest almost 80. The weekend went immediately very deep. We laughed, cried and danced together. We celebrated life. A big transformation happened with everybody. It was only our first visit and there were already more then 85 people. There was a huge excitement and interest in the work. Some people decided immediately that they want to experience more of the work and they will visit us in Germany. One person already decided to stay for a longer time in our center. We are excited about our second visit to Kaunas in November.

Everywhere children are asking their parents if they can meet us. Children are very welcome during Balance-Recovery Moments and private sessions. This year we are supporting several pregnant woman and their families. Also by Skype, we support these families with the changes in a family after the arrival of a newborn life.

When we write this, we just got back from London. We enjoyed to visit beautiful London and there were many surprises for us. The weekend and the private sessions went very deep immediately. Not only the participants transformed, the people in the center in Germany where amazed by our transformation. We are looking forward to visit London next year again.

We are looking forward to meet you on one of the upcoming Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments.

See our Event Calender here.

With Love, God bless you,
The Balance-Recovery Team

Jakub Endrýs


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