I came to my first Balance-Recovery Moment two years ago, hoping that i could somehow find a way to cope with my depression and all the darkness in my life. I was searching and searching to manage my life. Though I was still very young I was nearly sure that my whole life would be rather dark than light. More sad than happy. At the same time, I also felt like everything was OK, because I couldn’t imagine it being better as it was. But something in me was seeking.
What I found was beyond everything I imagined. Now I am looking forward to a flourishing Life with all its adventures and dualities. Even when I have times, that are not easy, I’m learning more and more to enjoy it. That I learned to experience again, opened a new world for me. I know I did that myself and that is what Balance Recovery is about. For me that makes it so special. It is empowering you to find your individual way to unity. It works completely in the now.
Wilri and Jakub are supporting me unconditionally since the very first moment and that saved my life. The Work is filled with so much love and passion from them, it inspires and makes me wonder again every time. They are a blessing to us.
-Yinka, Germany-

Lieber Wilri und Jakub,
ich möchte euch auch ins neue Jahr wünschen. Vielen Dank für alles, was ihr macht und gemacht habt. Ihre Arbeit ist so schön und wichtig. Es ist wunderschön wie viel ihr Menschen helft.
Ich bin so froh und dankbar, dass ich an euren Workshops teilnehmen kann. Mein Leben ist komplett anders als vor zwei Jahren. Meine Beziehungen sind viel besser, tiefer und mit mehr Liebe. Mein Bruder ist mir wichtiger und wichtiger.
Ich bin mutiger, selbstbewusster und beginne mehr und mehr zu leben, zu sprechen und vielleicht auch ein bisschen zu spüren. Ich habe mehr Energie, Kraft und Mut. Vielen Dank für alles! Am Ende des Jahres ist gute Gelegenheit zurückzublicken.
Danke für eure Unterstützung. Jakub, danke für deine Antworten.
-Michaela, Prague-

dsc_0442-3THANK YOU word is like nothing compared to what I feel! Deep deep gratitude and oneness, appreciation for you squeezing Lithuania in, for me hearing inner voice to participate, having guts for us to come with kids, for your sincerety and openess, compassion and devotion! I have been through different healing practices and yours.. Is just not a practice.. It is experience and feeling itself! You are a true example and manifestation of what you share and teach, and that makes that big difference – it resonates, it touches, it helps, it heals, it lifts awareness to another level by just one simple teaching – “just experience” – and you do that through experience! Genious! I just fell in Love with You and the way you “work” or, better say, the way you ARE!:) again.. I feel my bla bla bla and what I intend to say seems stays within me!:)))
Meeting and being around you is a gift from Universe and myself. I was waiting and getting ready to this meeting for years.. Since I was born.

I shut up now and just continue experiencing..!:) ❤Love Jurgita
-Jurgita, Lithuania-

“He lifts the shield of illusion for people, opens up the cards, helps to figure out where one is standing on a self-healing and spiritual journey:) no one can hide… Or lie. No bullshitting. He gives it in your face and (if needed) – loud. He feels exactly what you feel (even if you are not aware of those feelings yet). He puts a knife of Love in an emotional wound and ego and “cuts it out” (if you are ready and open up for it) – so, in my perception, he can be called a Devine Love “surgeon”! For me he also changed the perception of what a master teacher should look or be like. As he feels no fear there are no fences around him, no distance of hierarchy, he is open to people, he is sincere to the bones, he literally places himself among the participants, he is with them, he loves unconditionally and that I felt and it was flowing in the air in the room…❤

He said it and it is true – words sound nothing compared to the experience. Describing him and this journey with him is merely a top of an iceberg – one has to come and experience Wilri’s energy for him/herself to join to this knowing of what Wilri brings to lives of people!:) I sincerely recommend to everyone!

We participated with full family, with two kids (boys of 3 years and 5 months) and that was the best gift we have given to our children and ourselves. Next morning our older son looked/felt more free from within and more childish (looser in a positive way! ? There are no words to express the gratitude! We will continue this healing process with Wilri. I always felt such healing should exist and Wilri came when the time was right! Didelis ACIU (big THANK YOU)!!! ❤ Love, Jurgita”
-Jurgita, Lithuania-

dsc00507AČIŪ žodis yra kaip niekis palyginti su tuo kaip jaučiuosi. Didelis didelis dėkingumas ir vienybė. Labai vertinu, kad įspraudei Lietuvą į savo grafiką, ačiū sau, kad paklausiau vidinio balso sudalyvaut, kad turėjau drąsos atvykti su vaikais, tavo nuoširdumui, atvirumui, užuojautai ir atsidavimui. Esu dalyvavus įvairiose gydymo praktikose bet tavoji.. Nėra tiesiog praktika.. Tai išgyvenimas ir jautimas savimi. Tu esi tikras pavyzdys ir apraiška kuo daliniesi
ir mokai ir tai didelis skirtumas – tai rezonuoja, tai paliečia, tai padeda, tai gydo, tai pakelia sąmonę į kitą lygį vien tik vienu mokymu – “tiesiog patirk-išgyvenk” – ir tu tai darai per patirtį. Genealu! Aš tiesiog pamilau tave ir kaip tu dirbi, arba geriau pasakius kaip tu ESI! 🙂
Tavęs sutikimas ir buvimas šalia tavęs yra kaip Visatos ir mano dovana. Aš laukiau ir ruošiausi šiam susitikimui metų metus.. Nuo tada kai gimiau.

Užteks šnekėt ir toliau tęsiu patirtis..!:) ❤Su meile, Jurgita
-Jurgita, Lithuania-

“Jis pakelia žmonėms iliuzijos skydą, atskleidžia kortas, padeda išsiaiškinti kur esi savęs gydymo ir dvasiniame kelyje 🙂 niekas negali pasislėpti.. Ar pameluoti.. Jokio šūdo malimo.. Jis tai pasako tiesiog į veidą ir jeigu reikia tai padaro garsiai. Jis jaučia būtent tai ką tu jauti, net jeigu ir nepripažįsti tų jausmų kol kas. Jis įsmeigia meilės peilį į emocinę žaizdą ir ego, o tada ją “išpjauna” (aišku jeigu esi tam pasiruošęs) – taigi mano manymu jis gali būti pavadintas Dieviškos meilės chirurgu. Taipogi jis pakeitė mano nuomonę apie tai, kaip turi atrodyti ir elgtis tikras mokytojas. Kadangi jis nejaučia jokios baimės jam nėra jokių kliūčių, jokio hierarchijos atstumo, jis yra atviras žmonėms, jis yra nuoširdus iki kaulų čiulpų, ir tiesiogine to žodžio prasme būna tarp dalyvių, su jais, jis myli besąlygiškai ir tai pajutau ir tai net tvyrojo ore kambaryje… ❤

Jis pasakė, kad žodžiai yra niekis palyginus su patirtimi ir tai yra tiesa. Apibūdinant jį ir šią kelionę su juo yra tik ledkalnio viršūnė – žmogus pats turi atvykti ir patirti Wilrio energiją, kad prisijungtų prie žinančių ką Wilri atneša į žmonių gyvenimus. Aš nuoširdžiai rekomenduoju tai visiem!

Mes dalyvavome visa šeima su dviem vaikais (berniukais 3 metų ir 5 mėnesių) ir tai buvo didžiausia dovana kurią mes padovanojom vaikams ir sau. Kitą rytą mūsų vyresnis sūnus atrodė laisvesnis ir vaikiškesnis. Nėra žodžių išreikšti dėkingumą! Mes toliau tęsime šį gydymo procesą su Wilriu. Aš visada jaučiau, kad toks gydymas turėtų egzistuoti ir Wilri atsirado pačiu tinkamiausiu metu. Didelis AČIŪ! ❤Su meile, Jurgita”
-Jurgita, Lithuania-

Through Wilri’s seminars I do not only learn to see life, but I get the opportunity to change it, as well. I meet people whom I can trust and who never laugh at you no matter how embarrassing it is.
The seminars always have a different topic and always offer a new experience. I participate in them for several years now and I can say that it is very good for me. I can work on my bad past, terrible experiences and heavy traumata or diseases. Otherwise I would continue as my family does.
Through the Balance-Recovery-Moments I learn to trust life and take it serious, to feel the pain from my past and fix myself on what’s new. I can see things of mine that I could never have imagined. For me every new day at the moments is a completely different experience with people around me with whom I can share it.
The Balance-Recovery-Moments have helped me a lot to feel my pain and to let it go. They help me to not through away my future and to break the habitual structures of my parents and mine.
Every Moment at Balance-Recovery is completely different, new to me and gives me new opportunities to change things and see things that I perhaps have never noticed before. There are many moments where I can cry, laugh or simply switch off my head. Everything that’s happening there cannot be described by words, because there’s so much love involved.
I will continue to go there to get my remaining problems over with and to learn from my new experiences.
-Dennis, Germany-

After a seminar I was so touched that I wrote a song about what I felt.
The next seminar I brought my guitar and sang it to the whole group.
This is my song:

Hey You

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on

I see a girl who is standing beside me,
but I forget that everything is inside me
How did you do this you made me wrong,
you hide it and everything seems gone
seems gone seems gone,
and everything in my life is still floating on

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on

Just let me feel, so deep inside
I never felt it, I just run and hide
Like a little rabbit running for his life
But make like I can fly again
So running is no longer a friend
For nobody for nobody I have to hide

But hey you in the mirror I can see everything undone
You make me a quitter and you’re not moving on
don’t let it be forgiven and see where it’s coming from
But hey you in the mirror I’ll be moving on
-Mariel, Netherlands-

Dearest Wilri,
for days you come to my mind again and again and an unbelievable joy arises within me. I feel so much love in my heart as I have never felt before. Many things appear easier, more simple and uncomplicated.
Of course, insecurity, a little bit of fear and other unpleasant feelings come again and again, as well. But nevertheless I don’t feel bad. If someone asks me these days how I feel, then I answer: quite well – and then I have to correct me immediately, because I have to cross out the “quite”.
I’d like to hug and kiss you again and again (is that indecent? then it’s just that way!) and my words are indeed a declaration of love to you.
Now I wonder who is that woman, who’s writing this? She is so strange to me, so new, but I quite like her. Now Christmas is drawing to a close and for the remaining hours I’d like to wish you all the best, anyway. All the best to Jakub and Jiri, I hug you and the whole world.
In Love,
-Gaby, Germany-

Hello Wilri and Jakub…
The weekend with you was so beautiful! Touched me so deep! There are not many words I could say about that and I don’t even want to try to name it…
You know… I recognized you… and the love I experienced with that recognition was big. There is no way how to forget that.
At the moment I am still in Glastonbury assisting Kosi, flying back to Czech tommorow and then soon to Italy for a week long retreat.
I will meet you again, just don’t know when because next time you are in Czech, I will be busy with Kosi’s events in Prague.
I really love you Wilri and Jakub! Thank you for the video…
-Nammo, Czech Republic-

Allereerst wil ik iedereen bedanken voor alle mooie ervaringen. Zonder jij geen wij.

Zoveel te vertellen en toch ook weer niet. Jij en ik maakt wij. En wij staan allemaal op een grasveld in de regen terwijl de zon schijnt. Een grasveld zo prachtig mooi omdat alles samenkomt. De zon en regen, de bomen en de wind maar vooral jij en ik. Wij, volledig op elkaar aangesloten, allemaal. Het raakt me diep dat ik deel uit kan maken van zoiets moois. Alles komt samen. Ik voel jullie aanwezigheid. De regen komt samen met de tranen van blijdschap die over mijn wangen stromen. De liefde is daar, jij en ik: wij.
-Zinzy, Netherlands-

Drahý Wilri,

píšu s delším zpožděním, přestože jsem ti chtěl napsat ihned po tvém posledním semináři v Česku. Je to z toho důvodu, že vím, jak silným způsobem dokážeš pracovat s lidmi a jejich vědomím. Nechtěl jsem psát slova díků a nadšení ihned po skončení semináře. Přál jsem si ti napsat ze srdce to, co se u mne změnilo v delším čase, kdy již tvé účinky ze semináře dopracovaly, a ustálila se nová podstata mne.

Setkání s tebou považuji za osudové. V přítomnosti tvé se ve mne otevřelo něco, co již nelze zavřít. To něco, jako závan mé pravé podoby, stále více ve mne roste. Přesto ulpívám v tom starém nevyživujícím. Ba co víc, to staré ve mne více a více zesiluje tlak, aby přežilo. Momentálně se nalézám v životní, vztahové i finanční krizi, kdy to velké a moudré ve mne mě nutí, všemi možnými prostředky skočit…A já mám strach.

Moc rád bych dorazil na další setkání o tomto víkendu. Bohužel, má žena prochází od čtvrtka do neděle rozvojovým výcvikem CSB (Craniosakrální biodynamikou). I přes velké touhy tě zase uvidět, jsem se rozhodl hlídat děti a nedávat je ke své Mámě. Byl by to velký zásah pro ně a pro všechny z nás.

Věřím, že důležité věci se mají dít v harmonii s prostorem. Patrně jsem na skok připraven, a mám ho udělat už sám bez pomoci… Ukázal si mi otevřené srdce a lásku. To jediné mi nyní může sloužit v cestě vpřed. Za to ti patří mé neskutečné dík. Budu se těšit na naše další setkání.

S velkou láskou a úctou, Honza.

PS: Prošel jsem již velkým počtem rozvojových kurzů a seminářů. Nikdo ve mne však nezanechal takovou stopu jako ty. Nikdo mne tak neseznámil mužským cítěním, harmonií a láskou. Pokud bys někdy měl nápad organizovat semináře výhradně pro muže, budu tvým prvním zájemcem a učedníkem zároveň:-)
-Honza, Czech Republic-

Dear Wilri and Jakub;
you touched my life so deeply and turned it upside down !
I want to thank you for that !
Love Anna
-Anna, Germany-

I connected with an early defining issue with my mother. Wilri helped me to experience the result of the fracture so I could come in the present moment of my feelings and the experience of being the hurt child and then come into being a man.

Thank you so much for what you do. Wilri goes straight to the heart and it is so healing. Much love.
-Valerie, Czech Republic-

I’ve experienced 2 weekend workshops with Wilri and his team to date and find the experience very transformational. It is difficult for us in this society of P.C.-ness to get out of our analytical minds and only feel our experience/feelings. If one could really let go of the ego mind… I have found Wilri’s insights very intuitively ‘SPOT ON” and if we dare to really let go of limitations we are guided to freedom and thus real happiness and sense of self is revealed.

Wilri, I thank you with all my heart (as deep as I can, anyhow). You’ve “fired” so much love at me and you did not give me up.
That touches me so much!!! And meanwhile I had thought that you had possibly become my enemy.
I haven’t recognized your love and your service for a long time and then I wanted to fight against it.
Now I sit here and my tears are running… You’re a darling!!!”
-Susanne, Germany-

Přesto že na Wilriho semináře chodím pravidelně už déle jak rok, je pro mne stále těžké slovy vyjádřit o čem jeho semináře vlastně jsou.
Na semináři vám nebude řečeno, co máte dělat, nedostanete žádný návod na to jak žít šťastný život. Wiri Vám ale přesto ukáže cestu, cestu, kterou v sobě objevíte vy sami. Cestu, která je zcela za hranicí toho, co naše mysl umí uchopit.
Wilri Vám ukáže, že tou cestou je přijetí toho co je, že není třeba hledat změnu, že není třeba něco opravovat, že jediné co je třeba je být v jednotě s tím co je právě nyní a to i když to co je nám připadá v danou chvíli nepříjemné.
A co je horší Wilri Vám ukáže, že cestou k přijetí je to že vše co prožíváte, prožijete na plno. Ukáže Vám, že jedinou cestu jak zahojit emoční traumata je vstoupit do nich a prožít je na 100%, protože jedině tak se mohou zahojit, jedině tak mohou uvolnit místo něčemu novému.
Wilri Vám umožní uvědomit si na té nejhlubší úrovni, jaké jste schopni, že žít neznamená myslet, že žít znamená cítit a prožívat, cítit a prožívat vše co se děje s vámi i ve vašem okolí. Nic neodmítat a vítat ve svém životě absolutně vše, co do něj přichází, tedy i to co je nepříjemné a bolestivé.
Wilriho jedinečná schopnost je to, jakým způsobem vám nastaví zrcadlo, zrcadlo tak čisté a hluboké, že budete mít možnost dost možná poprvé v životě skutečně uvidět sami sebe. A bude to dělat s veškerou láskou a trpělivostí, dokud se skutečně nepodíváte.
Bude k vám laskavý, pokud to, co budete potřebovat k tomu, abyste uviděli je právě laskavost, ale stejně tak k vám bude se vší bezpodmínečnou láskou nemilosrdný a tvrdý, pokud je právě to, co je třeba k tomu, abyste konečně přestali hrát své hry a začali žít.
Jsem po tom roce jiný člověk? Ne, to bych neřekla. Jsem stále stejná, ale to, jak sama sebe vnímám je jiné. To co jsem na sobě dřív nesnášela a odmítala tu stále je, ale nyní to dokážu mnohem lépe přijmout jako mou nedílnou součást.
Více vnímám propojení sama se sebou, více vnímám propojení s ostatními lidmi, více vnímám propojení se světem. Už světu lidem ani sobě tolik nenutím to, jací by podle mě měli být a s větší pokorou přijímám to, co je.
Moje cesta k sobě zatím není u konce a tak jen mohu z hloubi svého srdce poděkovat za to, že jsem potkala takového průvodce a přát všem, abyste mu také dovolili, aby vás vzal za ruku a pomohl vám po té cestě jít.

Věřte mi, bude to jízda vašeho života.:)
-Katka, Czech Republic-

Ooo çok teşekür ederim Wilri hep kalbide sevgile kalacaksin.
-Participant, Turkey-

It was a DEEP DEEP Profound experience of realizing my inner garbage. Thank you very very much!
-Daria, NYC, USA-

Looking forward to your return. Love you so much:)))
-Şeyda, Turkey-

Po několika seminářích Balance-Recovery Momentu jsem byl schopen obejmout moji mámu s láskou a upřímností.
Po dnešním semináři, jsem byl schopen obejmout i mého tátu, aniž bych do toho tahal drama.
-Aleš, Czech Republic-

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to have work done on my poor relationship with my Mom most of my life. I felt I was treated as the black sheep of the family so I was put in boarding school away from home since the third and fourth grades. In high school I could only come home three times a year to visit with visiting two Sundays a month for only 4 hours. Of course, no mail, no social life, no telephones, no boys. So I got pretty resentful for lack of love. I found out in the work done with Wilri and the Team that my Mom was not capable of showing love the way I needed as she never got it either. In this process Olga took the place of my Mom and in healing showed me the most transformative, caring, tender loving. I had never felt or received from any other human being…such compassion and gentleness with her holding and stroking me for what seemed like hours that she was there for ME. I am now available to receive and experience more love with ease in my life thanks to this work with the most beautiful and loving people on the Team that came to us in NYC so generously. It felt like magic that in a short period of time so much healing and love did take place. I am lovable.
I am loving.

Hallo an euch alle , das war wieder mal eine tolle Woche in Prag.
was da alles passiert ist ,ist unbeschreiblich schön und auch neu für mich.
Ich danke an alle die das mit mir miterleben dürften.Was ich auch gelernt habe das jeder ,jeder mensch hat eine zweite und dritte Schonce verdient ohne vorurteilt zu werden.

Vielen dank an euch alle!
-Olga, Germany-

Beloved Wilri,
your words came just at the right moment. Thank you. Thank you for sharing and thank you for really BEING with us (me). I feel…. that any words would be just a slight glimpse of that what really is (happens) just now and that there are not many needed. Freedom is here, responsibility is coming, borders are disappearing. You are in my heart.
Peace and serenity starts with me.
-Avani, Czech Republic-

There’s so much happening since I go to the seminars, it’s simply an indescribable feeling. It helps me in many situations, moments and experiences to view all things from a different perspective.
Especially last weekend so much has happened with me, around me and within me that cannot be grasped by words.
It’s madness. I’ve experienced how beautiful and simple everything is and can be, when you just let it happen and feel.
I live in the here and now and only enjoy the present moment and around me everything is as though it was turned off and that feels so good and is so beautiful. I didn’t know how it is to be one with love, so that it’s getting warm around my heart.
Life is so much more beautiful and freer. I am full of joy and happiness so that the people around me experience me differently and ask me: What has happened to you? You radiate something completely different, something gentle, soft and warm.
And that is what makes all the heavy things so much lighter. And when I’m feeling down, then I go back and remember everything that I could take with me this weekend. And my smile is always coming back.
Thank you.
Simply indescribably great moments and experiences, heights and depths, but within the depths there are also moments that you can take with you and make something positive from them, as I could experience on my own skin.
-Sarah, Germany-

Dear Wilri,

I want to thank you from my heart for the last workshop. A lot of things happened and many moments have touched me. I have felt many new things and since the last workshop I feel different and my feelings towards others are deeper/more intense. I am very thankful for that. Really. Sometimes it brings me very new situations with people that I’ve known for a long time ?

I am happy that I have started to feel something again. Thank you for that, it is super, although it sometimes hurts a bit.
But that’s a part of life ?

I feel more self-confident now, I see more love and beauty around me and believe that the relations to my friends and my family have improved, as well (they are deeper and more open, now).

I also react a little bit different now – calmer, I express more what I feel. I don’t take everything as personal as in the past, although I know that in this regard there is still a lot to improve…

Wilri, I really want to thank you very much, because you have done something extraordinary. I have also started to feel my subtlety a bit. Can I say it like this ? It is something completely new and up to this moment still surprising.
Finally I understand what you and Jakub have meant.
I don’t know if it is really possible that so many changes have happened, but I feel it like this.
Thank you for your help and support. I know that my way is still long and that I still have to do a lot of work. I also thank you for your nice and supportive words. You’ve really been very nice to me. I thank Jakub for his support and help, as well.
My changes are so big that my mother considers coming to the workshop, as well ?
I wish you, Jakub and the whole team all the best and a lot of love!
-Michaela, Czech Republic-

Ich bin dankbar, dass ich am Wochenende mit Wilri und seinem Team verstehen und fühlen durfte, was mit Strukturen und deren Verabschiedung gemeint ist. Spüren, Erfahren und Loslassen sind jetzt Begriffe, die mehr und mehr verstanden und damit mehr leben konnte und kann. Gemütliche und ungemütliche Gefühle wollen gefühlt werden. Dürfen sie das, kommt es zwingend zu einer Veränderung. Muss es, denn das ist Leben. Danke an das Team.
-Marion, Germany-

My dear ego-beaters

You gave me a lot of pleasure by your video.
I am really thankful I met such open and honest guys.
I don’t want to use many words to describe
what I feel, because it is impossible.

Something is changing. Slowly. But why to push a river?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am looking forward to be with you again!
-Aleš, Czech Republic-

Op een dag

Er was eens een dag, waarop ik Wilri ontmoette met zijn prachtige lach.
Zijn heldere ogen die je doen geloven. Zijn eerlijkheid die soms in je lichaam snijdt. Maar zijn liefde die heelt, en je ziel wordt gestreeld. Hij die ik mijn leven lang kan vertrouwen en me helpt opnieuw te bouwen. Mijn liefde voor je is groot en zal zelfs reiken tot na mijn dood.

Vanuit mijn hart
-Zinzy, Netherlands-

Meine Momente, Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse mit Balance-Recovery sind einfach unbeschreiblich. Es ist sehr viel passiert seit dem ich dabei bin. Auch wenn alles in mir geschrien hat, nein, tue es nicht, geh nicht hin oder viele Ängste in mir hoch kammen, tief in mir wusste ich, dass es das richtige ist. Dank meiner Sturheit und Wilri erfuhr ich, wie tief meine Trauer war und wie groß und wunderschön meine Seele ist. Das gibt mir sehr viel Kraft und Mut weiter zu machen, auch wenn es für mich nicht immer einfach ist und mein Ego immer neue Ausreden für mich bereit hat um nicht weiter zu machen. Das schönste ist zu erfahren und zu spüren, das gerade wenn mein Ego mit neuen Ausreden anrückt, gerade dann sehr wichtig ist auf mein Herz und Gefühl zu vertauen und trotz Ängste weiter zu machen. Ich danke jeden der mir durch diese Zeiten geholfen und unterstützt hat und bin auf neue Erfahrungen sehr gespannt und (auch wenn ich riesen Schiss habe) weiss das diese Momente nie enden werden. Sie werden mich immer in meinem Leben begleiten. Ich muss nur offen dafür sein. Und meiner Erfahrung nach, wenn ich offen bin, passieren wunderbare, unbeschreibliche, wunderschöne und manchmal unerkärliche Dinge. Ich bin einfach nur dankbar es erfahren zu dürfen.
-Olesja, Germany-

Ahoj, ještě nikdy jsem neměl potřebu takhle veřejně něco sdílet. Ale o setkání s Balance-Recovery prostě musím pár řádků napsat. Wilri si u mě po krátké době získal velkou důvěru. Jeho práce s lidmi je neuvěřitelná.
V pátek jsem přišel na seminář s částečnou nedůvěrou- co to zase bude za pseudoesoterického týpka. V neděli jsem odcházel s neuvěřitelným pocitem maximálního naplnění láskou, laskavostí, prostě božkosti, úplně to ze mě září. Je to neuvěřitelný rozměr, neexistují na to slova. Moc ti Wilri děkuji,děkuji,děkuji. Ve velké lásce Pavel
-Pavel, Czech Republic-

Das was ich bis jetzt bei Balance-Recovery erleben dürfte ist mit keinem Wort zu beschreiben, es ist einfach überweltigend. Und ich bin sehr dankbar dafür. Schritt für Schritt gehe ich den Weg zu mir selbst. Mit Trähnen, lachen und manchmal Bockigkeit immer weiter und weiter. Obwohl jedes mal ich so eine Angst habe (was kommt heute? Was hat Wilri heute mit uns vor)? mache ich mit Vorfreude die nächsten Schritte. Sich selbst zu akzeptieren und zu lieben wie man ist, einfach sein. Vielen vielen Dank an alle die mich auf diesem Weg begleiten.
-Olga, Germany-

“I have had an amazing, truly life changing experience the last weekend with Wilri Waarlo and Jakub Endrys. They are visiting from Europe and are offering one more event this Saturday. If you are free, and up to some deep work, I highly recommend it.. <3”

“Я уже долгое время хожу на Balance-Recovery Moment c Вилри Ваарло и Якуб Эндрис. Это с самого начало принесло большие и позетивные изменения в моей жизни. Я с каждым днём всё больше узнаю о себе, учусь доверять своим чувствам и наконец то наслаждаться жизнью. Я учусь любить себя со всеми моими ошибками, принемать себя такой какая я есть и это приносит результаты. Я в данный момент начинаю жить свою мечту. И это может каждый, главное верить в самого себя. Спасибо тебе Balance-Recovery!”
-Olga, Кайракты, Казахстан-

Dearest darling Wilri and Jacob,
I am beyond moved by the sweet loving personal video message. I think you have given me my life back. The weekend with you was/is life changing. It was painful to say goodbye to you but it’s not forever and I will see you again Inshallah! I received so much love from you it was mind blowing! Haha it really blew away my mind.
I appreciate what you do and did and will forever be grateful to you.
All my love

“I just wanted to send my deepest gratitude to you. Not for anything in particular, just for existing and being such a beautiful radiance of unconditional love. Thank you, and I love you!”
-Jackie Tintori-

“Thank you Wilri and Jakub!
I feel so incredibly blessed to have met you in my life!
I can say from the bottom of my heart that attending your workshop in February has been the most loving thing I have ever done for myself. I had such a wonderful experience, especially on the last day of the workshop. I literally felt like I was reborn again…. Grasping and filling my lungs with air for the first time, letting the world hear my voice while crying.
Your work is beyond words and I’m looking forward in meeting you all again for an other workshop!
Today I feel more whole in my being, almost walking through my life with more ease and love – for your message to me reassured me yet again to integrate all aspects of myself and that itself is so freeing and releases so much tension:)
Lots of love from Sabine?❤?”

“I have never experienced something like this. There are no words.
Psychologists and psychiatrists cannot help people, but this work can. This is the work of the future.”
-Vladislav, Psychologist and teacher, Czech Republic-

“Wilri is a love surgeon. What a gift he has. Without any blah blah, Wilri goes bam! right into your deepest core places with a laser to shine a light where we are tangled up with self-hatred, confusion, darkness, fear or whatever it is keeping us from experiencing our true selves and feeling completely connected. His courage is contagious. His rebellious spirit is like standing under a cool waterfall deep in the forest and letting all the crap wash away. I love him and am so grateful for his work and his being.

He meets everyone where they are. I felt very safe. I encourage anyone to go and experience. Life is so beautiful. He helps to bring us back here.”

“Ich habe schon lange gespürt dass das Dunkle in mir und meine Wut in jeder einzelnen Zelle meines Körpers sitzt. An einigen Stellen des Körpers bekam ich dunkle Flecken und meine Haut war sehr grob, teilweise wie bei einer sehr alten Oma.

Ich hatte große Angst und Panik am Wochenende. Es fühlte sich an wie Sterben. Wilri nahm mich an die Hand und arbeitete mit mir daran. Ich fühlte wie Licht in die Zellen eindrang und ich konnte viel besser atmen. Ich bekam mehr Luft und meine Haut fühlte sich frisch, jung und sehr empfindlich an.

Als ich 20 Minuten später in den Spiegel sah, sah ich kleine rote Flecken im Gesicht die vorher nicht da waren. Auf den ersten Blick sahen sie aus wie kleine Pickelchen, doch beim genauen Hinsehen stellte ich fest, dass es keine Pickelchen waren. Es war auch nicht auf der oberen Hautschicht. Meine Zellen der unteren Hautschicht sind auseinander geplatzt und erneuerten sich. Dies passierte auch an einigen Stellen auf meinem Körper. Ich kann nicht genau beschreiben was da passiert ist. Ich fühle nur, dass ganz neue Zellen entstehen. Die Haut fühlt sich sehr sanft und jung an, wie bei einem Baby.

Was für ein Segen so eine Erfahrung gemacht zu haben.”
-Olesja, Germany-

“Děkuji ti drahý Wilri, za hezký víkend.”
-Monika, Czech Republic-

“I told Wilri that the worst of what’s happened in my family is repeating in the next generation and it’s killing me to watch.
He said, ‘You know what’s great about that? Everyone has their freedom.’
In this moment together he shattered an idea I’ve believed for ages.
For a flash moment, everyone was unbound – Mean people could be nice, nice people could be bold, bold people could be quiet, quiet people could be heard. I felt the loosening of chains to which no one has the key.
Life is freedom?! No less so when we’re squeezing a gun or staring the barrel.
This gave me great pause…
and resonated into my life in all directions.

Into the past, for instance, if I look at my parents.
My father appears to be violent while my mother’s a caretaker. In these victim / villain roles there’s no way for a child to respect or trust either. My mum meant well and sacrificed herself to guard us, but it fell short and she suffered so much. Her way didn’t work; she didn’t win love.
Through her I’ve learned that keeping a grip isn’t protective. Maybe in moments, sure, to stop someone from falling but if then you don’t let go, the saving becomes suffocation.

In my present I see a similar tendency to stall out, to wait or hesitate.

Some extra dose of caution is draped over almost everything. When I turn my attention towards that I feel doomed to illness, depression, distain. The stagnancy registers as death.

In my future the thing I fear most is not having let go of that tension.
I mean if life is this great adventure, isn’t the only thing that could really go wrong being stuck?
We know it’s going to be messy. That’s a given. But stilted? No one wants to be stuck.
The meaning of this, from my perspective, is that life itself is the energy of freedom.
When we are doing our worst there is something with us always:
an ever-present possibility that we’ll suddenly be kind.
No matter what we’ve done, we can always next be love.

Coming in touch with this in a group setting was encouraging beyond words.

Thank you to Wilri and Jacob for doing what you do – which no one else is doing in this way, open to the public. ”

“I think of you and your work (and also of the energy of the group) a lot in these last days. I appreciate more and more the way, how you work with people and I can see, that the whole existence is saying “yes”. Because you are in many parts of the world right now. And it is simply big. And blessed. It is not a coincidence that it is happening right now. I was thinking a lot about it today and I shared with my friend, that you aren’t offering instant and superficially appealing solutions and you don’t try to be a savior. You offer to people the opportunity to look, feel, sense and accept what is. Whatever it is. And that is the way, which is healing. And it is so powerfully apparent today in here that I just have to write it. Thank you..”
-Avani, Czech-

“Thank you Darlings! It’s always my pleasure and honor to work and Be with you… Balance-Recovery Work brings us so many Blessings… Wilri and Jakub you humble me.. I love you dearly ♡”

“Hi my dearest ones,
You have been so busy creating and living miracles continuously all over and making people and the world a healthier, joyous and more beautiful balanced
experience as we find our truths. Thank you. Thank you. Your blog is absolutely marvelous. Great Work!!!
I did receive and do appreciate my own personal video.
I am feeling better and looking a bit better.
I look forward to your next visit. Take good care.

Much love & kisses to the team,


“What a gift!!!
So much love! I am so very grateful!
Receiving the emails yesterday and today are so supportive,
Love to you, Elie”

“Thank you to all the great people from Prague. It was such a fun seminar… so deep and touching how everybody was opening up. And thank you to Wilri Waarlo and Jakub Endrys for surrendering every moment.”
-Yinka, Germany-

“Ze srdce díky za hluboké setkání… už jen když jsem vstoupil do prostoru “místnosti”… byl jsem opět doma… v hluboké Jednotě se sebou, se vším… bylo pro mne překvapující sledovat léčení “posedlosti” energetických blokád, starých omezujících vzorců… …úžas… dějí se zázraky… někdy třeba rád… na viděnou a sdílenou… Andrej …”
-Andrej, Czech Republic-

“Děkuji ti Wilri, za hluboké léčení. Jsem opravdu vděčná. Každá buňka mého těla se vrací k životu!!!”
-Jitka, Czech Repblic-

“Wilri, děkuji za to že jsi, za tvůj čas, který jsi nám věnoval a za to co jsi mi dal… máš můj vělký obdiv za to co děláš pro druhé.”
-Jana, Czech Republic-

“Im Land der Gefühle

Ich lief die Straße entlang, welche von meinem Haus wegführte… weit weg! Sie schien mir elend lang.
Doch es überkam mich kein Gefühl des Heimwehs.
Im Gegenteil mein Herz schien sich zu öffnen, die Sonne lünckerte hinein und das Vogelgezwitscher füllte meinen Bauch als wäre es meine eigene Melodie. Jegliche Zweifel und Ängste, welche mich in dem Haus, das ich Heimat getauft hatte, plagten waren wie weggefegt…
Und ich begann zu erfahren, dass man seine Vergangenheit hinter sich lassen muss und zuhause nur in einem Selbst zu finden ist. „Finde dein zuhause in dir und dein zuhause wird überall sein“, rief ich laut in die menschenleere Wildnis hinein.”
-Anna, Germany-

Thank you so much. It is a very deep, healing and eye opening experience. Your work brings me close to my True Self and allows to shed “stuff’ that I am having and even don’t know about. It is a Big Step to Free Yourself. With Love & Gratitude,

Po několika seminářích balance recovery momentu jsem byl schopen obejmout moji mámu s láskou a upřímností.
Po dnešním semináři, jsem byl schopen obejmout i mého tátu, aniž bych do toho tahal drama.
-Aleš, Czech Republic-

Was für ein Wochenende!
Total schräg, total verrückt, total das Leben, total passend für mich.
Ein riesiges Dankeschön an die Gruppe, in der ich mich so zu Hause und angenommen fühle.
Ein riesiges Dankeschön an Wilri für seine kompromisslose Ehrlichkeit und Liebe.
Ein riesiges Dankeschön an das Team, von dem ich schon so viel, auch über mich selbst, lernen durfte.
Ich bin so froh, denn ich sah am vergangenem Wochenende nur schöne Menschen!
-Gaby, Germany-

“What an amazing weekend!”
-Jeantine, Netherlands-

“Wilri, Jakub & Olga,
Thank you guys for helping us to learn to slay our inner dragons. The woman who made this Card is originally from Holland, had abusive parents and had to learn her way to self-acceptance and gentleness.
Nancy and super Darling”


I feel that Thursday night’s session really helped me in ways I’m not even aware of yet! I know that I feel lighter. Today I felt much anger passing through me, but I let it out.
On the creative front, I went into the recording studio on Saturday. This is a piece that I previously had my doubts about. But it all came together beautifully, as if by ‘magic’. I wrote this, and I’m playing the guitars and bass on the recording. I don’t yet have a title for this piece, and I hope you enjoy it!

Nancy“Fabulouse, wonderfullo…. Thank you ever ever so much you two angels/munchkins from the deep forrest!”

“Thank you Wilri for this opportunity for deep healing! Your work is amazing!”
-Jitka, Czech Republic-

“Thank you for a profound healing of my mind and body!
This work is shifting my understanding of what is possible.
I feel absolute trust in Wilri and Jacub and highly recommend the workshop. A life changing , heart opening experience.
With love,

Wilri Waarlo you continue to bless us all, with your open heart and true vision. I look forward to meeting again, so much has happened for healing for me after we met. Thank you for pointing me in the direction I needed to go to, to recover my lost self, pieces of my soul buried in shadows of fear. Thank you for going there with me, friend.

“I did enjoy your workshop and feel both Wilri’s extraordinary accuracy in depicting and feeling peoples needs and problems is a REAL–Rare and a true gift! Jakub’s sensitivity, sweetness and intuitve artistry in knowing exactly what to do is as masterful as and complimentary to Wilri. I am grateful and happy for everything–and I do mean everything that you said and did for me. You made me more aware and conscious of where I came from–who I was– who I am and how people interpret my personality. I don’t believe I am arrogant but perhaps I am and my silence and desire to explain myself can be perceived as such.”
-Anonymous Artist-

Today, I was at a private session with Wilri and Jakub. Suddenly, an injury from decades ago emerged at the surface. When I was a child, I was hospitalized for several weeks with broken bones. After all these years, the drugs that the doctors gave me were still in my system. Every single day I’ve been confronted with my drugged body and mind. I could not understand why I could not make real contact to my body and my mind was clouded. It confused me, scared me. I felt helpless. I was ashamed, disappointed and frustrated.

Today, I could let go all the morphine, muscle relaxants and other medications. Finally I’m free from the poison that the pharmaceutical industry sells. My wish is that many will get the opportunity to get free from the long term effects of prescription drugs.
-Jeantine, Netherlands-

“Working with Wilri and group is heart and mind blowing. I witness people getting information …not what they asked for..but what they seem to need and then realizing it’s what they ‘asked’ for. I have seen my own life expand since knowing and working with Wilri… my determination to shift and be more present for myself first is because of what I’ve experienced with his Balance -Recovery. Sorry, old friends, I wont’ be the old me, but I believe the new me is so much more loving ..take me deeper into the change…it is like going home again.”
-Nancy, NYC, USA-

Dear Jakub
I feel the deep love that both of you carry and know that the world needs it. What makes it special for me is that Wilri is not some mystic guru distancing himself in any way from “the people”. He is so human and so in touch and that is what heals! I am soooo looking forward to being in your energies for a whole weekend!
-Marina, USA-

“Я часто в себе сомневалась и не доверяла свом чувствам и причуствиям. Глубоко в душе я знала, что кроме меня мне никто не скажет, как правильно поступить или что сделать в определённых ситуациях. В оснавном я смотрела на других и пыталась от них перенять, чтобы в следующий раз так же отреагировать. Естественно это не срабатывало, так-как это не моя правда была. Не от сердца и не из глубены души.
Я была потерена и не знала кто я вообще. Я думала одно, говорила другое, чуствовала третье а делала совсем другое. Этим всё больше терая доверие к себе и терая себя. Теперь я знаю, что действовать по своей правде и чувствам, единственный выход. Иначе всё больше и больше тонешь в говне. И бороться против этого дерьма безполезно. Оно как болото, как тина чем больше боришся против него, тем больше в него засасывает. Узнав и почуствовав от чего это и почему я так поступала, я вижу выход из этого положения. Свет в конце тунеля. Только твоя правда и твои чувства тебя не обманут. Они ведут тебя по жизни. Только следуя им даст тебе просвет в темноте. И даже если кто нибудь будет с тобой воевать. Остовайся на своем пути, со своими чувсвами, сама собой. Не воюй с этой ситуацыей. Ты её сама в прошлом создала. И всё вокруг меня проеснилось.
Я больше не оссуждаю себя. Да и за что? За мою правду? Я вижу, что мою правду принемают, акцептируют и даже уважают, даже если на этот момент у них другая правда.
Пришла я к этому с помощью Balance-Recovery. Увидев и почуствовав почему я так реагирую, как реагирую. Веду себя как веду. Говарю что говарю. Живу как живу. Живу ли я вообще или только выжеваю. И от куда у меня это и почему именно так. Увидев и оссознав это, мне очень легко на душе стало. Мирно. Спокойно. И всёже очень радостно. Подругому радостно. Лёгкая и глубокая радость.
Я благодарна всем, кто меня поддерживал и верил в меня, когда я сдовалась или теряла себя. Всем кто был рядом, и которые меня встряхивали или пробуждали. Иногда даже совсем не нежно. И как раз это мне и нужно было в этот момент.
Спасибо огромное Balance-Recovery от всего сердца и из глубены души.”
-Олеся Омельчук, Уч-Кудук, Узбекистан-

Ze srdce ti děkuji Wilri. Monika
-Monika, Czech Republic-

“Ahoj, děkuji moc za opravdu krásný víkend.”
-Perla, Czech Republic-

“I had an amazing session this morning. I highly recommend his work. I am so great full, thank you.”
-Damien Wynne, Berlin, Germany-

“I’ve experienced 2 weekend workshops with Wilri and his team to date and find the experience very transformational. It is difficult for us in this society of P.C.-ness to get out of our analytical minds and only feel our experience/feelings. If one could really let go of the ego mind… I have found Wilri’s insights very intuitively ‘SPOT ON” and if we dare to really let go of limitations we are guided to freedom and thus real happiness and sense of self is revealed.
Gratefully yours,
Linda Pavelka”

I connected with an early defining issue with my mother. Wilri helped me to experience the result of the fracture so I could come in the present moment of my feelings and the experience of being the hurt child and then come into being a man.

“It was a DEEP DEEP Profound experience of realizing my inner garbage. Thank you very very much!”

Before and after Balance-Recovery

Hello. My name is Michail Ioannidis, I’m 19 years old and live in Wesel.
I will describe here how my life is and was before and after Balance-Recovery.
Before July 18th 2015, I haven’t been to any seminar and I was living with my mother in Baden-Württemberg.
My mother did what he wanted with me without me noticing it. She manipulated me without end, exploited my good-naturedness and had always tried to hold me on a short leash.
She went so far that she manipulated me to send me to the army in my homeland as she noticed that she didn’t have me under control anymore. And some might think that it isn’t that bad to go to the army.
I will give you a comparison. In Greece the army is like a prison is here in Germany. For me it would even be worse, because in Greece I would depend on my grandparents.
In Greece you don’t get money like here in Germany. You have only expenses. Thus I was handed to my mother on a silver plate.
Fortunately, thanks to my girlfriend, I eventually realized what my mother was up to. She had seen it and warned me. Since that point I moved out.
Yes, with 19 years, without training and without any savings, I moved out.

I had worries about my finances, of course, and I worried about what would be if I couldn’t manage it, but then I have learned one thing from Balance-Recovery. Life takes care of me. I just have to trust in it.
I had no other choice. So I started to trust and everything went by itself. I didn’t have to care about anything.
I moved to a different federal land and have found a school for me and have arranged for accommodation that I finance by myself.
I have dealt with the employment office, applied for unemployment benefit, got it and found a job, too. All of it within one month.
All of that just because I have trusted that Life takes care of me. Quite apart from all the amazing people that I thereby got to know.
I have learnt even more from Balance-Recovery. I have learnt not to let myself get manipulated by people.
I have learnt that I don’t have to be afraid of anybody and that I can say when something isn’t right for me. No matter who it is! Whether it’s the principal or an officer. That doesn’t play a role anymore.
But what’s most important for me is that I’m open again. I can get in contact with other people. I don’t sit the whole day in front of my laptop and watch one series after another. I have regained strength.
Because this was not the case when I was living with my mother. I feel something, again. After 3 long years I can finally cry again.
I only participate in Balance-Recovery since 3 months and my life has fundamentally changed.
This is my life since July 2015. I can finally say now that I start to live in 2016 and not just survive anymore.

-Michail, Germany-