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Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments

Meeting Wilri on a Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moment is life changing and profoundly healing. You will meet life itself.
If you ask yourself: “Is this something for me?”
Then ask yourself instead: “Is life something for me?”

Balance-Recovery means finding balance in every single part of your life and changes your life instantly.
It is about finding balance in your mind, feelings, body, soul… in everything.
Not excluding anything.

Balance-Recovery means to be one with all there is.

Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments with Wilri help you to:
• Reconnect with your true self
• Deepen your relationships
• Heal the causes of diseases and illnesses
• Make your wishes and dreams come true
• Enjoy life as it is

Come and celebrate life with us, because life is joy, life is fun, life is easy.

Prices vary by country and location.
The respective prices you can find at the desired event.

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Private Sessions One to One

For those who would prefer to resolve their concerns privately, we offer the opportunity of individual sessions. In a one-and-a-half to two-hour session, issues and their causes are viewed and treated individually by various methods. The Price for a one-and-a-half to two hour session varies by country and location. For further information please contact us.
For people in difficult financial situation we can make an arrangement.

Prices are without travel cost.

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Family and Group Sessions

Many families visit our Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Moments on a regular basis. In our groups everyone supports each other to get free of emotional, psychical and mental pain. We saw it many times; amazing things happened in the groups. Parents and children really come together again. If parents open up, kids are changing immediately, because kids are not that captured in structures like grown ups.

We offer private sessions especially for families where we work together directly on what is there. For example, that might be structures that have been in the family for generations. This is a great opportunity for both younger and older family members to get free of old pain and to come closer to each other.

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Skype Sessions

The Balance-Recovery Skype Sessions are interactive. You can ask questions, Wilri guides you to your own inner answers. By sharing your doubts, fears and worries with Wilri you can resolve them, get clear and arrive at your own truth. The sessions are either by skype or by phone.

Prices for remote sessions:
30 min = $70
60 min = $130

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Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Video

Our Balance-Recovery Self-Healing-Video is a powerful way to connect you to your own healing power.

For the Self-healing video we need your first and last name, your email-address, a picture of you and a short description of the issues that you would like to work on.

You can get your Self-Healing video:
10-15 min = $20

You will receive your video within 7-10 days after the receipt of payment.

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Videos from our Events

Information and experience days or evenings

For schools and all other types of educational institutions, as well as Correctional facilities and children’s or youth facilities, we offer information and experience days or evenings.

We will enlighten your students and adults on topics such as bullying, ADHD, incomplete or broken families, and the raise of violence and crime.

In a unique way we also explain and let the young people and adults experience the consequences of these issues for their lives. Because only by experiencing they can really learn profoundly.

Our lectures are accompanied by young people who themselves have direct experience of the selected topics and are willing to talk about it openly.

We can let your students learn and experience what is happening in Heads and Hearts of Children who are mobbed or comes from broken families. In the same way we are also working with all other difficult life situations.

We can also mediate your students and young people how it feels when you can turn to anyone, because no one in the family is able to be a caregiver.

Our Days and Evenings are not just empty words, but we let your students, young people and adults feel what happens inside of other people. Even the compassion and understanding among students, youth and adults for each other is deepened.

We want to give students, young people and adults who have difficulties, the feeling that they are not alone and that there is a helping hand for them when they need it. That’s what we do: We provide both your school or facility as an institution, as well as each individual as an independent human a helping hand.