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Again we were in my beloved Prague. The theme we had this time, was The Ocean of life. Oceán Života.

First I did with my team a bit sightseeing in Prague and met with friends. This time I also went to the pharmacy because I needed Arnica for my left leg. Then one of the people who accompanied us saw package of pills and called me, hey Wilri look they sell happy pills here!

picture-happy-pills-en-smallI took the package of pills and asked the pharmacist:
“What is that, Happy pills you make a joke?”.
She got angry on me and screamed:
“That are happy pills and they work very good.
I take them also. Don’t make fun of it.
It is better than your Arnica. That doesn’t work.
All the homeopathic doesn’t work.
You need to believe in them otherwise they don’t work.
They are good because all the stuff what is in supports body in making or creating serotonin if your body does not have enough of it.”

Why it is that almost nobody asks why the body does not create enough serotonin and just put Happy pills in?
Isn’t that crazy?

I think it’s much healthier to be sad if you are sad.
Feel our hurts.
Experience our hurts then we don’t need pills.
Don’t push everything away.
Not controlling it with pills.

Anyway I bought a package of Happy pills for 13,00 € to show people in the weekend how crazy it gets with pills.

Everybody got a happy pill not to eat but to remember that also sadness is a part of the ocean and that we cannot exclude anything even our mind is part of the ocean.

It was amazing what happened with everyone, who can better describe it then one of the Participants who was only just a few hours on the Friday experience evening.
She sent our organizer Peter an email:
We translated it.

Hi Peti,

I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience evening, which you have prepared for us. I’ve never experienced something like that before. Even today, when Wilri comes to my mind I smile. I have complete peace in my soul.

When Wilri began to work individually with us and one after another around me fell like cut down trees I began to panic…

But when Wilri came to me and we looked into each other’s eyes, I began to feel complete peace and humbleness. For the first time in my life I felt unconditional love, I felt that we are merging into one. Everything around melted away, leaving only the humbleness and love. I was flooded with feeling of complete bliss. It was a condition that is totally new and beautiful for me.

If you will be with him on the weekend, I’ll be glad when these lines reach him as well. There are no words to express admiration and gratitude for the fact that he went on this journey to help us all to get into balance.

In deep respect Anička Pytlíková

Sadness-love Anger-peace Being shy-being humble Having fear-enjoy Darkness-light Craziness-blessing

The ocean of life means not pushing anything away, just experience what is there, just be with it, all have different faces just allow it to be, then it is changing.

Everything is just a part of the ocean it’s just another wave.
Let it merge in the ocean and everything is one.
There was so much acceptance, love, blessings. Nothing is wrong everything is part of the ocean.

There is no ocean telling: “That wave doesn’t belong to me.”
But we do.
And there it goes wrong.
If we say: “This wave is not allowed!”, then we have a problem with ourselves.

We are used to make everything difficult. But life is so simple.

We let people experience how simple life can be.

It is like to open the box of Pandora. Each one us of has his own box of Pandora. We open it and take care that everything what goes out is ok. That everything can be seen and that you can be with everything.

Ocean loves all its waves.
There are no good or bad waves.
All waves are part of ocean.

If you learn to be with everything that is then it can go and then you are with yourself and you love all your waves.


See you next time in April
With all my love,


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