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Wilri works with that which is. He is a great destroyer of the past and illusions. With him you go through connecting, destroying, healing and creation, and through your experiencing you release yourself from the past, so that instantly new life is born. The Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Videos with Wilri are really like an accelerator.

For the Self-healing video we need your first and last name, your email-address, a picture of you and a short description of the issues that you would like to work on. Please send your picture to and type in the issues in the order notes. After receiving the payment, we will send you a private link where you can download your personal Self-healing video.

You will receive your video within 7-10 days from sending payment.

With straightness, clarity, love and compassion he will bring you into contact with your current issues and lead you to experience their causes. In this way he will connect you to your own healing power, so that profound healing is possible.

It is like a dream coming true – so quick, natural and refreshing. So much understanding, kindness and love and still so grounded and safe. Just amazing. Transforming all. All melting in one.

Just the still blossoming of life which unfolds in its endless possibilities.

Life joining life.

For more information on our Balance-Recovery-Self-Healing-Method see: Balance-Recovery-Method


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