compassion and humbleness are my true religion.

To be happy in our daily life it is important
to practice this every moment.
Being one with everything.



To have a great relationship with others,
you need to have a relationship with yourself.

The other is mirroring you.
If you experience something you don’t like in your relationship,
ask yourself: What is it that I don’t like, about the other?
Then change it in yourself. Your will be surprised.
Everything is changing. In this way relationships do really support you in getting yourself.



Life is all about changing and letting go old structures.
Making new structures to support you.
That goes on and on until you can live without them.
Finally you are there.
You are free.



People make mistakes, that´s okay!

Don´t feel guilty.
Just take your responsibility and do
the necessary steps.
In that way you can change the result in the future.



Mind is thinking, often it´s thinking the worst.

Scenario´s which are not real.
Just watch it, let it go like a cloud moves, witness that´s all you have to do.
You are not your mind.


To Meditate

To meditate is your time with god,
be still and let his miracles work in you.

Everywhere you can meditate.
Just sitting and feeling your feet on the ground.
When you are writing feel the pencil in your hands.
When you are working with the computer feel your fingers touching the keyboard.
Feel your body. Feel your breath going up and down, follow it with your mind.
Another word for meditate is being in the moment.
Be there completely.



Isn´t it strange, people can make something ugly out of love. How?
Because they don´t want to feel their hurts.

They are thinking they do not deserve love because they did something bad.
Whatever you did, God is not judging you, your mind is judging.
Free yourself, forgive yourself, feel the hurts that you do not love yourself or even hate your self.
Let the hurts go, feel it and free yourself.


Live or die

It´s so simple, every time I refuse to listen to my inner voice and fight against it,
I feel more dead and loosing energy.

Every time I follow my inner voice and surrender to it,
I feel more and more alive getting a lot of energy.



Don´t judge, even not yourself.

Judging is always based on structures, habits out of the past.
Don´t forget that everything is changing, every moment.
Todays no, can be tomorrows yes!



Why creating illusions
like separation, hate, fear, anger and illness.

If you can have truth, love, peace, health and oneness.



Healing means; making whole again.

Removing the ill making structures of hate, anger, disappointments, guilt and fear.
Accepting every part of yourself.
Forgiving yourself.
Is making place for the healing power from love within.



When you are grateful for the small things in life.

You are telling the universe, God.
I´m ready for the bigger miracles.
Being grateful attracts more things
to be grateful for.



Your freedom is the most precious you have.

Don´t stay prisoner of the past.
Life is changing every moment.
Like nature does, that´s how it is.
Let go and you will experience the blessing of life.



Forgiving somebody, who did terrible things to you.

Means telling you have no longer power in my life.
You can´t hurt me anymore.
I´ll take back all my power.
To decide.
To create freedom in my life again.



To have a best friend is a blessing.

It´s somebody who accepts you the way you are. Who believes in you, even if you not believe.
He´s always trying to bring up the best in you.
Without forcing you to change. He is not judging you.
He has compassion with you. He cries and laughs with you. He´s stimulating you to grow.
He´s honest, even if it hurts you.
He forgives you for the mistakes you made.
He is giving unconditional love.
Being one with the friend in you.



Fear is the energy which closes up everything.

Makes you back out.
Makes you break everything.
It´s even ill making.
Love is the energy which expands everything.
It´s opening everything.
It´s sharing.
It´s even healing.



Sometimes life is so shocking and confronting that we don´t want to live anymore.
Did you ever ask yourself the question, which part in you doesn´t want to live anymore.
Then there has to be also another part, the one who is asking us.
Then there are two.
Maybe life is telling you, that it doesn´t want to live anymore in this miserable situation.
Maybe life is trying to give you a wake up call.
Change please. I want to live.
I don´t want to survive anymore. I want to live. It´s possible.
No matter what happened.
You can do it, life is calling you because you are worth it.



Compassion in every situation means no longer
reacting on the behaviors and structures of other people.

It´s not about you anymore.
All the control is gone.
You are free.
Giving the others all the tools to change instantly.
Letting go their structures.
Healing the others.
Healing their world.



Life is like a boomerang!

That what you give, is always coming back to you.



See the small miracles in your life.

Everybody wants to give you something,
also if something seems so called negative.
Maybe it wants to show you something positive.
Accept it and look for the truth and don´t judge it.
You can trust it.
Stay open then wonders can happen.



The best place to learn about love, is a place where is almost no love.

It´s remembering you that you can always choose
the other side of what´s there.
And then everything outside of you is suddenly changing and love is born.



Be thankful for every day you got.

Count your blessings.
For sure there are many,
no matter what´s happening in life.



Everybody is a part of me.

Even in the hardest places.
If I accept my part and experience it,
witness it, then everything changes!
Amazing so easy everything is one.
He or she is just a part of you, which wants to be seen.
If everything is one then there are no strangers.



Can you trust yourself, or do you disappoint yourself every time?

Saying “I do that“, doing
something else.
Every time you say “I do
that“ and you do so,
your self-confidence is growing.
Just being your word, makes


Human beings

Every human being has a shadow side.

It’s the other side of the medal.
It’s up to you, what you are choosing.
The darkness or the light.
God gave us a free will.
If you choose the light.
Then you have to feel your darkness.
Let go the hurts.
Suddenly light is there.


Inner peace

Inner peace is the result of a quiet mind.
Everybody can achieve this space with the right effort.

Your Journey, I invite you, I challenge you
Come, come, whoever you are:
Youngsters, adults, also the disabled, Seekers, teachers, lovers of learning.
Caretakers, businessman, everyone!
It doesn’t matter. Ours is not the caravan of despair.
Come, even if you’ve broken your vow a thousand times.
Come, come, yet come again.
Let me take your hand to guide you.



Are you filled with emotions?

If your glass is full, empty it.

You have to let go your negative emotions.
Otherwise you’re building a wall and your beloved ones can’t reach you anymore.
To be a master over your emotions.
Means, not being a prisoner of your emotions.
To always have the possibility of shifting your emotions.
Shifting your emotions creates and changes your life.



We believe everything is one.

Even the different religions.
It’s doesn’t matter.
We are all connected.
There are different roads.
To the same point.


Old habits

What’s the pay-off, to keep your old habits?
What do you want to proof?

That you are not good enough?
That you are guilty?
Let it go, forgive yourself.
Make yourself free.
You are good as you are.
No matter what
somebody told you
in the past.



When you have a vision,

the money will come.
Life is about having faith and trust.
Be curious.
Take the risk and make your steps.



Why is it so?

When people are showing a behavior we don’t understand,
we diagnose people and discover
a new label of illness.



Ego is just a concept.

It tells you that you are your identity and your body.
You have to compete with all the other personalities and bodies.
It’s an illusion which creates loneliness, fear, frustration and illness.
It’s a confirmation for the low self-esteem it has about life.
It’s just a misconception.
Instead of competing with others, be aware of your thoughts.
Be harmonious. Be in balance.
Concentrate on love, peace and on the healing creating power from the universe, God.
You can create everything, it’s up to you!



Humans can develop many addictions, especially to escape from something.

What are you escaping from?
Feel your hurts, experience your hurts.
All the love is in you, to heal your addiction.
So that it is no longer necessary to be addicted.
So you can get free.

In our Balance-Recovery Moments of Truth we let you experience
why you needed the addiction. So that you can get free of it.
You can create everything, it’s up to you!



No doctor in the world has the knowledge to tell you that you are terminally ill.

A wise doctor tells you that his ability to help you is terminated.
Look for something else.
It happened many times that a doctor was astonished about the healing miracles.



A man or women who doesn’t cry, loses everything.

He looses every possibility to create something beautiful.



Trauma is something that happened in the past.
Painful moments of the past can influence your life today.
To get free, you have to let go the hurt.
The feelings of pain.



If you are depressed, look for something you’re grateful for.

Do that over and over, even if it is difficult, and feel and wonder what’s happening with you.


Anger or rage

Anger or rage is a shield to hide your hurts.

Don’t walk away.
Don’t try to escape.
You have the choice to escape from anger into darkness or to face your hurt.
To feel your hurt, experience it and let it go.
The reward is light and another step into freedom.
It’s up to you. Are you angry?
Don’t get stuck in anger, go deeper.
Look for the innocence in you and others.
And you will find empathy and compassion.



Truth heals.
People are that “inventive’.
They create many illusions.
To avoid.
To escape from the truth.
Only the truth heals.



If you are ill, ask yourself the question: Why do I want to be ill?
And then feel the feelings and emotions which want to come.
Because in the core we all are healthy.

In the world almost everybody has an illness;
the question is, which illness you choose.



Being negative means asking for more negative to come.
You’re sending a sign:
Please universe, give me more negative experiences.
The whole universe is reacting and manifesting our thoughts, behaviors and feelings.
It’s up to you, what you want to create the negative or the positive.



Medicine is like drugs, it is closing you up.
It’s not good for you. They help you to suppress feelings, pain, symptoms and signals.
We are not against medicine, sometimes it is necessary in order to support and assist.
But to be in balance, to be healthy, you always have to go back to the cause and heal what’s there.
Let ill making emotional blockades go.
So that medicine is no longer needed.



Your feelings are a great gift from God.

It’s the way to immediately know what you are thinking.
If you’re thinking something positive, you are feeling positive.
If you’re thinking something negative, you are feeling negative.
Feelings are changing every moment.
Let them change, you are not your feelings. You have a feeling.
It’s like nature, rain, thunder, lightning, storm, sun and stillness. Everything is changing constantly.



The secret of health for both mind and body
is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future,
but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.



Look always for love in everybody and you will experience your freedom.

Because you will simply see, that everybody acts out of structures from the past.
That’s the case until one is free.
Don’t be a slave of your emotions.
Love is not about emotions.
Love is about action.
Taking care for other beings.



In emptiness

everything appears.